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5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Heating


Summer might not be the time you think to fix up your home’s heating, but in fact it may be cheaper and more efficient to do it now. Here are just a few ways that you can improve your home’s warmth in time for the cold winter months.


Insulation helps trap heat in your home longer, saving you from reaching for the thermostat. There are lots of forms of insulation from double glazing to draft protectors to cavity wall insulation. Costs to install this may be cheaper now when insulation companies have less demand for customers and are therefore more likely to offer deals. The government is trying to encourage more homes to install insulation. There may even be grants that your home is eligible for.

Install a tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters heat up water only when you turn the faucet as opposed to storing water in a tank. This can lower costs used to store gallons of water for heating, using less energy. By serving hot water to one faucet at a time, they also reduce problems such as the shower going cold whilst someone uses a tap downstairs. It’s worth researching into the best tankless water heater as there are many on the market. As water needs heating all year round, there is no time of the year in which the demand is greater or less.


Go electric

It’s possible to forgo gas altogether and run heating entirely off of electricity. Gas is cheaper, but for those wanting to live sustainably it could be a preferred option, especially if you go off grid and decide to power your home entirely with solar panels. Some people may prefer certain electric appliances over gas ones. Electric ovens for example can be safer, easier to clean and can distribute heat more evenly, although gas is cheaper and may have certain cooking benefits for some users.

Get smart

Smart technology is now entering our homes and making life more convenient. Heating is one place where this tech can really make a difference. A smart heating unit may allow you to adjust your heating remotely with your phone. This may allow you to turn on the heating before coming home or turn it off in the night without leaving your bed. Smart monitors meanwhile can tell you exactly how much gas/electricity you’re using to heat your home with. By being more aware of the energy costs as they’re using them, many people have been able to cut their energy consumption by 15% with smart monitors.


Use heating creatively

People are starting to use heating more creatively in their homes now. This includes heated towel racks, heated clothes horses, heated mattress pads and even heated toilet seats. Such gadgets could provide a little more comfort in and around the home. You can even consider underfloor heating for cold bathroom tiles or chilly wooden flooring.

Consider making some of these changes in your home.


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