Thursday, August 10, 2017

3 Activities That Improve Your Fitness - Without Running!

Most people believe that running is the key to getting fit and being healthy. I’d say that the majority of fitness newbies start out by jogging or going for runs. While this is definitely a great idea, it’s not ideal for everyone. Certain people might have problems with their joints that mean running isn’t a good idea because of the impact. Or, you might just hate going for runs and find it hard to get motivated!

Either way, don’t worry, there are alternative activities that improve your fitness without the need to go running.


Cycling is a great alternative to running as it’s not really as boring to do. When you’re on a bike, you can cycle further than you can run, and this opens up the possibilities. You can go to different places, which makes it more fun for you, and you can also improve your endurance. Plus, cycling is a little easier on the joints, and you have a seat so you shouldn’t get tired out as quickly as you would when running. As if this wasn’t good enough already, it says on that cycling for 30 mins a day can help you sleep better too! So, you get great fitness benefits as well as feeling more refreshed and relaxed the morning after.

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If you can’t run because of the impact it has on your ankles or knees, swimming is a great alternative. In fact, many studies show you burn more calories through swimming for half an hour compared to running for the same duration of time. Not only that, but you get a full body workout in as all your muscles are working hard in the water. To get started I recommend you buy the right gear, as you can see here, there are plenty of swim caps available. These are very important if you’ve got long hair! I also advise you not to swim in a bikini, wear something more streamlined like a proper swimming suit.

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A lot of people think Pilates is a very easy and laid back activity. However, it all depends on the type of Pilates workouts you’re doing. If you want, you can really add some intensity to burn more calories as well as seeing all the other typical benefits. As it mentions on, Pilates is really good for your abs. It helps build deep abdominal muscles, which has a direct impact on your fitness and performance. When your abs are nice and tight, you can do physical activities for much longer before you fatigue. Likewise, Pilates makes you flexible, which also helps improve your muscular endurance and helps you become fitter.

What I’m trying to show you here is that you don’t have to run to get fit. If you don’t like running, or can’t run for health reasons, there are alternatives. No longer can you use your dislike for running as an excuse to sit inside and not get fit! You’ve got other ideas now, pick one that suits you best, or try out all three!

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