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Why Our Bathrooms Make Us Embarrassed and How to Overcome It

Just picture it; you’re sitting down, you’ve got guests around and you’re having a wonderful time. You’re eating some delicious food that you personally cooked and you’re just about to bring out the dessert to close a successful dinner party. Then suddenly, two of your guests need to go to the toilet. You guide one of the guests to the downstairs toilet, a meticulous designed and thoroughly cleaned room that you’re proud of. Perhaps it’s the decor choices, maybe it’s the new features you installed in anticipation for your guests, or perhaps it just smells lovely because you remembered the air freshener.

Then comes the disastrous part.

Your other guest also needs to use the bathroom, and the only one left is your main bathroom—the one you haven’t put much effort into. The bathtub is caked in grime, you haven’t wiped the mirrors clean and you’ve left a bunch of toothbrushes and toothpaste lying around. You smile nervously at your guests and ask them to give you a moment. You rush upstairs, quickly tidy everything up, give the bathroom a good wipe and the blinds a little dusting then finally, you let them in. Crisis averted—for now, but it was an embarrassing moment that could’ve made the night a little awkward.

Why do we feel so embarrassed about our bathrooms?

The simple answer is that we don’t like people seeing our mistakes. When you’ve got a fantastic dinner party, the last thing you want to do is lead your guests into a filthy bathroom that’s filled with grime, mildew and other nasty things. The best way to overcome this is to simply give your bathroom some care and cleaning, but out of all the things we do to prepare our homes for guests, it’s probably the lowest on the list. It’s far easier to clean a simple toilet room that your guests will use instead of the whole bathroom. After all, they’re not going to be staying for longer than a night (usually) so it makes sense to save time and clean just the rooms you need.

The other problem is that we don’t like people seeing our toiletries and other products. Got a skin condition? Then you might feel embarrassed when someone spots your super-strength shampoo that’s designed specifically for dry skin conditions. Are you currently suffering from breath problems or acid reflux? Then, again, you wouldn’t want prying eyes to see the type of medication and products you are using to get over your problem. It doesn’t help that these bottles seem to love plastering all of their information on the front rather than be discrete.

Overcoming the embarrassment of your bathroom

There are plenty of ways to get over your fear of letting guests use your bathroom, and we’re going to go through some of those now.

  • Clean, clean, clean! - Keeping your bathroom clean is a lot easier when you do it on a regular basis. Instead of needing to bring out the heavy-duty cleaning tools, all it takes is a bit of water and some wipes to get rid of basic stains. You can even use homemade cleaning products such as lemon or baking soda if you’re unsure about spending money and using expensive cleaning items.
  • Use your storage space - Tidy up your bathroom by making use of hidden storage space. When you aren’t expecting guests, you can leave your toothbrushes and medication out, but when you are expecting them you can simply stash it all into a nearby cupboard which is out of the way so your guests won’t see it. This will keep all of your products private and out of the way.
  • Improve airflow in your bathroom - This little bathroom hack will help you get rid of nasty smells in your bathroom and also help reduce the steam that creates foggy windows and showers. You can do this by leaving your window open more often or taking a look at the extractor fan that exhausts the steam out of your home. If you haven’t replaced or cleaned it for a while, then expect to find a lot of dirt, grime and dust clogging up the fans.
  • Leave out some amenities for guests - Don’t let your guests use simple bars of soap that look dried out and gross. Instead, let them use fresh hand soap with a lovely scent. Give them a fresh hand towel to dry themselves, and don’t neglect to get some nice scents or flowers to brighten up the room. And whatever you do, don’t forget some extra toilet paper!

Upgrade your bathroom and feel proud about it

You can also add some upgrades to your bathroom to make it feel a lot more luxurious. For instance, you could upgrade the taps so that the water flows properly and doesn’t have any kind of stagger. When you’re at home in a hurry, fixing small issues like that can be tiresome and you might even neglect it. However, once you involve some guests, you might start to be more conscious about it. Replacing the taps can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and it’s a worthwhile investment if you want a more stylish room.

Another good touch to add is to upgrade your toilet itself. Since they’re going to be using it as guests, you want to ensure it has all the features you need and that it doesn’t smell strange. A popular upgrade that many homeowners are looking at is a bidet toilet seat. It’s relatively easy to install and adds a great touch to your bathroom if you have a modern aesthetic. You can't get any better than these bidet toilet seats, so pick one out and learn to love the upgrade. If you don’t have much DIY experience, then it’s best to ask someone to help you with the installation process.

Some final words

There’s really no need to be ashamed of most of the things in your bathroom, but it’s completely understandable if you want to put on a fantastic first impression for your guests. The most important tips you can follow are to always keep it clean and try your best to maintain it before your guests arrive. Utilise storage space properly and don’t forget to upgrade your bathroom now and then.


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