Monday, July 10, 2017

Why Everyone Should Waterproof Their Home

If you haven't already waterproofed your home - you should!
Here's why.

Natural calamities
If you live in an area that is prone to heavy rainfall and even hurricanes and storms, then there is even more of a reason to be waterproofing your home. There is a higher chance of flooding due to excess water from the ground outside, and the downpour from up above that can enter through any crack or hairline fractures in your walls and roof.
There is a pressure that is created from the flood water called hydrostatic pressure. This water forms a puddle in the earth that surrounds your walls from outside. Eventually, the water is pushed through, over and under the foundation walls, leaving you with a flooded basement.

Always be on the lookout for growing mold in and around your basement area. If you do find some, you will need to take action immediately before it can turn toxic and spread. As long as the area is damp and moist, all different types of microorganisms and contaminants can breed and produce very rapidly.
They can grow in between walls and even underneath padded carpets, so you really do have to be on the lookout. The most dangerous type of mold is black mold. It has such high levels of toxins that it can be fatal, so be extremely cautious about the areas that seem to be the wettest. If you think you have a problem, call a professional in rather than searching around yourself, just to be on the safe side.

Grading floors and walls
If you notice that your floor or wall has a slight slope in it, see what direction it is. Sometimes it can be minor, and it’s just because the house is old, but this may also make water getting in a lot easier because it can just seep in everytime it rains, building up more and more damage.
You will either need to get the foundation repaired so it can no longer do this, or waterproof the area so it can't be damaged.

Structure damage
If your soil tends to be quite wet, whether that be because the area you live in is prone to a lot of rain, or you have to water your garden and the soil remains moist for a long period of time - this will lead to water seeping into your home from the basement. They are usually spotted in the joints and edges of where the floor and wall come together.
If left for a long time, you can expect bigger problems to deal with like a crack in the foundation or a warped wall. To prevent water damage, you should make sure that your basement if waterproof so no more damage is caused.

Property damage

Many people like to use their basement as storage for all sorts of things like unused furniture, equipment, books, old clothes, toys, tools and even cars. If you don't want all of your things to be damaged - get the room waterproofed. If you have anything made out of wood in there, it may not be able to be saved like the other things, as it will rot and mold very quickly.

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