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What Style Do You Want In Your Home?

We all want to get the most out of our homes. After all, we all know how strange it is to walk into someone's house and just feel no personality whatsoever. Often it's like you've walked into a showroom rather than a home where someone actually lives. However, a lot of people really struggle to know how to make their homes feel like they have more personality. They want to bring a sense of style to their homes, but they don't know how to do it. For anyone who's struggling to do that, there's one important thing you have to do before you do anything else. You have to figure out what kind of style you want your home to have. This presents a challenge for a lot of people because a lot of the time they don't know what kinds of styles are out there, which means figuring out their personal style is that much harder. If you know the kinds of home design styles that there are, you have the chance to turn your home into somewhere that more accurately reflects your tastes and personality. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular home design styles that you might want to take some inspiration from.


While this might sound like a vague and nebulous kind of concept, there are a lot of signifiers for a traditionally appointed home. Generally speaking, it has a strong European influence to it. It's all about the classic styling, accessories and soft furnishings. Dark wood paired with light colors like white and blue are extremely typical of this style, with the brightness beautifully contrasted by the elegance and class that the dark, varnished furniture often brings with it. Imagine yourself sitting by the fire in the drawing room with a hot coffee, and you've got a pretty good idea of the kind of feeling that you get from a traditionally styled home.


A bohemian home goes in completely the opposite direction to a traditional one. Rather than building itself around elegance and class, a bohemian home is about expression and comfort. A lot of the time you'll find that bohemian homes are heavily influenced by Middle Eastern countries like Morocco. There will be a lot of bright colors and bold patterns. Everything should feel soft and sumptuous. Replacing your couch with large bean bags and a new footrest is the kind of thing that would fit perfectly in a bohemian home. Don't worry too much about things looking too neat. An abundance of decorations and different colors help to bring an extremely vibrant and exotic feeling to your home in a way that no other style can manage. Don't worry about the rules and just express your creative side.


A lot of people tend to lump rustic and bohemian styles together because they both emphasize a lack of clean lines and neatness. However, they're actually very different. Where bohemian styles are all about exotic patterns and colors, there's something rather vintage, and countryside influenced about a rustic home. With distressed furniture and vintage decorations everywhere making your home look more like a cozy cottage than anything else. A rustic home has a serious emphasis on natural styles, almost to the degree that the home looks like it practically grew up from the earth fully formed. Again, don't worry about keeping everything neat and symmetrical, lean into and embrace the natural style as much as possible. Trawling through vintage stores and yard sales is a great way to find things that will look perfect in this kind of home.


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If you want something seriously modern and trendy, then industrial style is the thing for you. Picture a loft apartment in a city where the charm comes from the exposed brickwork and pipes, with huge amounts of open plan space where young, creative types hang out and come up with new ideas, and you know exactly the kind of style that industrial homes are going for. Of course, you don't need an inner city loft to create that feeling. It's all about combining industrial flavor with the comforts of home. Coffee tables made from reclaimed wood and metal girders, metal overhead light fixtures, large open spaces with high ceilings. Sure, this isn't always the easiest style to achieve, but if you've got the kind of property that can accommodate it, then this style is perfect for unleashing your inner hipster.


Who doesn't love to be beside the sea? There's a reason that thousands of people flock to the beach every summer to enjoy the sunshine, sea air, and wonderful atmosphere. So why not bring that home with you and enjoy it every single day? That's what a coastal or nautical theme tries to achieve. A nautical home involves bringing in as much natural light as possible and emphasizing it with light colored walls and simple decor. Light blues and creams are perfect for these kinds of home. You can bring some color into your home with some bold stripes that reflect that seaside feeling. Nautical accessories are a perfect way to decorate the walls, and white painted floorboards give a wonderful feeling of walking on driftwood by the sea. Sure, you might be in the middle of suburbia or living in a city, but there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to bring the beach home with you!


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Look to the land down under if you want inspiration for this kind of style. Minimalism takes the kinds of styles and idea laid down by modern interiors and amplifies them even more! As the name would suggest, this is the opposite of rustic and bohemian styles in that the focus is very heavily on clean lines and symmetry. You don't want over the top bursts of color everywhere, instead focussing on more neutral spaces that make your home feel light and clean at all times. Make sure that you're getting as much into your home as possible and keep the lines in your home clean. Minimalism is highly influenced by Bauhaus design philosophies of function over form. The beauty of your home comes from how well it works rather than from endless amounts of decor and accessories. Sure, you might want to bring in a flash of color here and there, but don't go overboard with it. Muted or darker colors like maroon or navy blue work very well in this kind of style but you need to make sure your rooms have enough like that these colors don't become oppressive. It's also very important to keep things tidy since the clean elegance of minimalism can be tricky to maintain a lot of the time.


Of course, perhaps simplicity isn't really our style, and you want something just a little bit more ostentatious. Then why not bring a little bit of Hollywood glamor into your home instead? This is the kind of style that will allow you to really make a statement as well as putting a whole host of personality into your home. Hollywood design is, rather fittingly, all about drama! You need to focus on bold, vibrant color schemes like red and purple, as well as contrasting patterns that use clean lines but often set against one another in a way that you'd never find in a minimalist home. This kind of style also comes with a certain sense of luxury that few other styles can match. It's the kind of home where you can see yourself lounging on the couch into the afternoon, sipping on iced tea, hiding from your neighbors.


Or maybe you want something just a little bit more understated. If that's the case then why not take some Nordic inspiration. Simplicity is the name of the game here. With subtle colors and large amounts of open space to create a bright and airy feeling. Think of your home like a painting; it should be carefully composed with everything in its right place. Don't worry about color, the simplicity of your all white decor will reflect enough light that your home will always feel as bright as possible. Keep your lines simple and your furniture functional. You don't need any extra pieces of ostentation when you've got pure elegance and simplicity.

Remember, if you want to use these styles for your home then there's nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to make the personality in your home totally unique, then the best thing to do is to combine things that you like about these different styles into your own personal design aesthetic. Sure, you don't want things to clash or end up looking confused, but there's no reason why bohemian and industrial styles can't work together, or why you can't have a minimalist home with occasional bursts of Hollywood glamor here and there. After all, it's your home so why shouldn't you be in total control of the way that it looks. There's no reason why you shouldn't feel comfortable bringing your own personality into your home, whatever style you choose.


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