Friday, July 14, 2017

The Dos and Don'ts of Dog Training

Training your dog is never an easy task. There are lots of mistakes that people can make, and these just make your task all the more difficult. However, you don’t need to get your approach wrong. If you just know what to do and what not to do, it should all go well and the results should be good. Here are the main dos and don’ts to remember.


Remain Consistent

You should come up with commands and rewards that are consistent. Training is all about reinforcing the right kind of behaviour. But that’s only possible if you are always as consistent as you can be. You can’t reward a dog for one thing and then punish it for doing the same thing later on. This never works in training and your dog will just be let confused.

Make it Enjoyable

Training doesn’t have to be unpleasant or difficult for your dog. You’re teaching them things that will help improve their obedience, and you will sometimes need to be serious. But that doesn’t mean the tasks themselves can’t be fun too. And treats should definitely play a part. They will enjoy the whole training process a lot more if it’s enjoyable and they get some treats as rewards.


Use Professional Help When You Need It

If you don’t really know what you’re doing or there is a certain area of your dog’s training that you can’t master, it could be a good idea to use professional help. Something like Bark Busters in home dog training might give you the help and support you need when you’re struggling. They know the ins and outs of training in a way that most ordinary dog owners simply don’t.


Fool or Tease Your Dog

Training should be serious. Your dog can’t always tell the difference between when you’re playing and when you’re doing something serious. And you will just make it even more difficult to understand what you want from them if you fool the dog or tease them during training. You need to be serious and fair when training your dog if you want to achieve positive outcomes.

Finish on a Bad Note

It’s never a good idea to finish a training session with your dog on a bad note. It just means that the dog will feel like it did something wrong. Instead, you should end on a positive. When they learn something and demonstrate that they are capable of following your command, reward them. If you think that the session has gone on long enough, simple end it there.


Lose Your Temper

If you lose your temper when you’re trying to train your dog, you will not succeed. When things aren’t going well and the dog seems to be learning nothing, it can be a little frustrating. But that is not excuse for losing your cool. If you do lose your temper, you will just make your dog feel far worse, and it will become scared. When it feels that way, it will be even less likely to learn what you want it to.

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