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Superfoods for You

Superfoods have been part of the health jargon for a long time now, and just like anything in the industry, the top recommendations come and go over time. Goji berries, acai and Brazil nuts are some of the more exotic, and expensive, trends to hit the shelves in the past, but not all superfoods are inaccessible to the average family. Including a few options in your day can help keep your family healthy and your budget intact.  
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is so diverse because it can be used in cooking and as a skin care product. It has been known to decrease cholesterol, aid digestion and help with weight loss. It can also be used as a mask to give you shiny and healthy hair! Make sure you get the best coconut oil, one that is free from additives and can be used both internally and externally. That will help you save money at the same time as improving your health from the inside out. I like to use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in my frying pan, because you can use it for higher-heat cooking without any negative side effects. It also has a long shelf life.   

Kale is one of the currently trending superfoods, but I love it because it is a versatile addition to a lot of different meals. It can be added to quinoa to make a lovely salad or as a healthy addition to a creamy pasta dish. Apparently, cooking kale actually increases its superfood status and with a low calorie count and high fiber content, it is a great addition to any healthy diet. Though it was a bit difficult to introduce kale into our family’s meals, by starting small and adding it, rather than making it the main event, we have eventually got used to this healthy alternative to boring lettuce.

Almonds are not only healthy, they are an easy to pack and a quick snack when you’re a family on the go. Combine in a plastic bag or Tupperware container with raisins and you’ve got a healthy mix to tide you over until mealtime. They are a good source of Vitamin E and are part of the healthy fat family. I like them because a small amount can fill me up without making me crave more like salty peanuts do. They also don’t make a mess like pistachios do with their shells. They are also on the cheaper end of nut selection, unlike cashews and Brazil nuts which come in small packages for big prices.  

Blueberries have been on the list of superfoods for a long time. They are known anti-oxidants; they are cancer-fighting bursts of delicious, juicy flavor. In season, they are available everywhere and no freezer aisle of the grocery store is without several packs of frozen blueberries all year round. Healthy and delicious, blueberries are good on their own or in a recipe. Nothing beats eating blueberry pancakes with the family on a lazy Saturday morning.


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