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Some Things To Know Before Heading To Hawaii


It is absolutely impossible to travel anywhere these days without knowing what your destination will look like. Ten years ago you could. You could take a trip to Bali and be surprised to see palm trees. Step into 2017, however, and even the most remote places on earth have a hundred-thousand image's splattered across Instagram, all using the same hashtag. With this insight available, it is absolutely no wonder why Hawaii is one of the most desired and sought after travel hotspots anywhere on the globe.

You’ve seen the photographs on Instagram; they’re the ones that don’t need editing because the weather is always magnificent, the surf is world renowned, and the beaches are enough to hold anyone voluntarily hostage. It’s amazing. But even though it is (technically) part of the US, it differs from it in almost every way possible, especially in terms of culture, language, tradition, and history.

So, if you’re looking at pulling your Coolibar on and visiting this Shangri La - this little piece of heaven on earth - before it potentially disappears under a high tide, we have come up with a little list of things you should be aware of before touching down on the tarmac. Basically, if you want to enjoy the best break you’ve ever had, ever imagined or ever dreamed about, you need to know about Hawaii’s major lifestyle differences… and here they are:

Their Concept Of Time Is Different
If you have ever dropped onto one of the Caribbean Islands before then you will know what we mean by Island Time and you will know that it is a legitimate thing. Seriously, it is. What’s more, island time is not just celebrated in Hawaii, it is championed. What does this mean for your stay? Don’t expect anyone to be on time. Period. Don’t expect your taxi driver to be on time, don’t expect to be at that restaurant on time and don’t expect shops to be open on time. Also, don’t expect anyone to be in a rush. They aren’t, which is part of what makes their culture so enviable. The fact they are so chilled out and relaxed is what makes this such a desirable destination. It’s probably why you are heading there. So accept it and enjoy it.


Every Beach Has Its Own Warning Signs
No one puts up warning signs because they think it will add to the beautiful view of a place. No one. Nor do they do it because digging a hole and putting up a sign is fun. Nope. They do it because there is a legitimate reason to take caution. So make sure you take a good few minutes to read the signs. Some may be for surfers, some may be for swimmers, some may be to do with rocks, some may be to do with protecting the wildlife. They are all different. But they are all there for a reason. So please don’t be that family that ignores a sign about Dangerous Undertow or Advanced Swimmers Only and allows their children to have a paddle.

There Are Certain Words You Should Know
One of the reasons so many people love going to Hawaii is because one of their official language is English. However, they also speak Hawaiian. Weird, right. So, just like you would any other foreign country, try and take some time to learn a few words in the local language, the most important of which you can find on the Not only will these make your vacation that much more enjoyable, they could also prevent you from getting into any embarrassing situations. So Aloha is a solid place to start, which means hello, goodbye and love. Another good word to know is thank you, which is Mahalo. The one which will keep you out of that embarrassing trouble we mentioned above, though, is Kapu. You’re going to see plenty of signs in Hawaii that say Kapu. This means sacred and forbidden. The reason we are telling you this is because we don’t want you to be that tourist who gets arrested for pitching a tent on an ancient burial ground. You wouldn’t like it if you found someone camping on top of your Grandma’s grave, so be sure to watch for signs.


Hawaiian Food Is Sooo Good
Like every country in the world, Hawaii has some local dishes that you absolutely must try... and some you should absolutely think twice about. We’ll start with the latter because it’s always good to get the bad news out the way first. There is a native Hawaiian dish called Poke made out of Ahi Tuna, which we urge you to visit for more information on. The reason for this is about 2500 pounds of it have been recalled due to Hepatitis A concerns. So just be careful. As for local dishes you absolutely must try, Laulau is at the top of the list. It is a pork dish cooked with taro root (they love using taro root out there). Kalua pig is another big favorite, as is their state fish, which you should order just to test your pronunciation skills. It is called humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Good luck.

The Cost Of Living Is Pretty High
Most people head over there and gape at the cost of pineapples, guava and dragon fruit. Those are always the three that get cited the most, which is possibly because they are so hard to stop eating out there. They’re so fresh and delicious. However, it isn’t just the fruit that will make your eyes widen slightly. Food, fuel, and accommodation are all substantially higher than they are on mainland America. The reason for this is precaution not cost of transport like many think. You see, Hawaii is an island, and that means they need to stock more of everything just in case there is an emergency to deal with. That’s why they do it. So just be aware that you could need to take out a little bit more cash before you stop eating like a king, sleeping on a fine feather bed and drive to all four corners of this beautiful island.

Ever been to Hawaii? Share some of your insights with us here!


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