Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Snap Jewelry From Shelly's Gifts Galore

Hey neighbors!!

Anyone hear ever heard of Snap Jewelry?  I have recently Purchased a lot of snaps from a friend who sells the Snap Jewelry to help fund a trip to Israel.  She presently has many types of bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, keychains, etc.  And she has an abundance of snaps to choose from.  I LOVE mine.  Shelly is married to Dallas Rogers, who used to sing with the Inspirations and now has a solo music ministry.

I like the ability to trade out the snaps and totally change the look.  I have dressy snaps, casual snaps, and even really cute snaps.  I like to wear my Faith with a cross snap when we go to SG concerts.  When I am in a more casual mood, I like to wear my cute owl snaps.

There really are so many different designs to choose from.  My daughters purchased a few of the nautical ones to wear on the cruise.

The pictures in this post are just a small sampling of what Shelly actually has.  You can visit her page at: Shelly's Gifts Galore.  You will find some other kinds of gifts as well on her page, like bath bombs, rings, and pearls from oysters.  You can also send her a friend request and she has many Snaps listed on her personal page as well.

Her prices are very reasonable, and if you like her page, you will see that she occasionally runs GREAT specials.  Please take a moment to look and see what she has available.  You might just find that perfect gift you have been looking for.

Thanks for stopping by today.  See you soon!!

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