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Shhh The Kids Are Sleeping!


Parents already know just how hard it can be to get their kids back to sleep at night. As soon as bedtime rolls around, the kids will start to pull all the usual tactics to try and delay things for a bit longer. They may ask for a drink or a snack, or they could start and try to persuade you to let them watch just ten more minutes of TV. Some nights can be very testing for your patience indeed!

So, once the kids are fast asleep, you really do learn to relish that peace and quiet. And there is nothing worse than when the kids wake up to disturb you and your spouse’s evening together. Are you struggling with kids that just won’t stay asleep once you’ve put them to bed? Here are some suggestions that could be the answers to your problems!


Let Them Have A Bedtime Snack

If your kids do ask you for a quick snack before they go up to bed, it’s a good idea to give them one. That’s because they will stay full for longer throughout the night. If your kids go to bed hungry, then they will be very likely to wake up with hunger pangs. Plus, the body and mind will be able to relax and sleep much better with a full stomach. So, even if you do think that your kids are asking for a snack just to push bedtime back a bit, it is actually worth giving into their hungry demands! However, you shouldn’t give them anything sugary to eat as all the sugar will keep them wide awake. Snacks like cereal, nuts, and fruit are the best nibbles before bed. If this seems to help, just work it in to their regular bedtime routine.

Move Their Bedroom

There could be noises from outside your kids’ bedroom that are disturbing their sleep. Ideally, their bedrooms shouldn’t be in the room above a garage as the noise of getting a car in and out could drift up and wake them up. Ideally, you also shouldn’t make them sleep in rooms that face out onto the street. Passing pedestrians and cars might wake them up. When you are thinking of the best room for them, go with one that is at the back of the house and overlooks the garden as there will be very few noisy distractions out there.


Get Quieter Air Conditioning

If you have an old air conditioning system in your home, it might be very noisy whenever you have it on. That’s because old equipment can get noisier over time, even though they might be working perfectly fine. Though this might not bother you, all that excess noise might be a problem for your kids. They might struggle to fall asleep in the first place or could be woken up a few times through the night. If this does bother your children's sleep patterns, you should start looking for the best quiet air conditioners so that your children get some peace and quiet in their bedrooms. Lots of modern air conditioning systems are now built to be very quiet, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a suitable one.

Blackout Blinds

Another problem that your children might face is too much light in their room. This can be especially problematic throughout the summer months when there are lots of light nights. Unfortunately, you can’t make the sun set any earlier than what it does! Another source of pesky light could be an unfortunately positioned streetlamp. You can’t move those either sadly! But don’t worry, there is a way to prevent all that light from outside coming in. You just need to install some blackout blinds to your children’s windows. They are designed to completely block out all light from outside the window coming into the room, so you don’t have to worry about any natural light from waking up your sleeping kids!


Add A Nightlight

There could be one major downside to all that darkness in your kids’ bedrooms - they might end up scared of the dark! Thankfully, there is a very easy way around this. You just need to add a nightlight to their room. This is a small bulb that gets plugged directly into a socket. It then emits a very soft light throughout the room. This light won’t be so bright that it keeps the kids awake, but it will make the room a lot less scary than when it is in complete darkness! You can now find nightlights that come in lots of fun shapes. Some even project cute images onto the walls!

Set A Wind-Down Hour Before Bed

It is important that you don’t let your kids watch TV or play on a computer or games console in the hour before they go to bed. That is because these kinds of tech devices can help to wake up the brain and will get lots of energy rushing through their bodies. And that is not going to make bedtime easy at all! So, it’s necessary to switch off all forms of tech in the hour just before bed. This gives their mind and body the chance to unwind and relax, which can then make it easier for them to get to sleep. Why not encourage them to draw or read a book?!


Find Your Routine And Stick To It

Routines are very important for kids as they help them prepare for sleep. Plus, they minimize the chance of surprises which could be upsetting for them. So, it’s a good idea to spend a few weeks figuring out the best bedtime routine for your kids. This will help them settle more, which can encourage them to sleep continually through the night. Try to stick to this routine as much as possible, even when you are away on vacation for instance. That way, your children will sleep much better no matter where they may be sleeping!

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to encourage your children to sleep well through the night!


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