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Is A Visit To Lancaster, PA Worthwhile?

Pennsylvania is a pretty popular destination for both domestic and international travelers. While most visitors tend to hit Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, there is a third city that may appear on your bucket list. So, will Lancaster live up to your expectations?
There are many elements to consider when weighing up a possible vacation spot. Here’s what you need to know about Lancaster, PA.
Getting There & Around
In truth, your travel to Lancaster will be dictated by your permanent residence. If you live in the northeastern region, though, it’s probably drivable. Better still, the plethora of other great places in all directions makes it the perfect stop on an extended road trip too. If driving isn’t an option, you can always fly to Philadelphia and take the hour drive in a rental car.
Lancaster is a relatively large place, but it’s not uncomfortably big in the sense that it’ll take hours to get from one place to another. A car is advised if you want to explore, though. Meanwhile, the right bag for those day trips is essential too. Get those key elements in place, and you won’t go far wrong.
Things To Do
Does Lancaster boast the same volume attractions as Pittsburgh or Philadelphia? Probably not. But that’s genuinely a good thing. There are still plenty of fun things to do in Lancaster, covering a whole host of ideas. Whether you’re eager to gain historical insight at the various museums or catch a show at Fulton doesn’t matter. This location does have something to offer all the family.
Families can also enjoy theme parks like Dutch Wonderland. Another cool thing about Lancaster is that it boasts an Amish community. Even if you only make a passing visit, it’s an experience you probably won’t have had anywhere else. Given that meeting new people and seeing new cultures is a key part of any trip, this has to be considered a positive.
Sports fans can also enjoy watching the Lancaster Barnstormers at the Clipper Magazine Stadium. While other teams, mainly soccer, do exist, the baseball team is the one that gets locals excited.   
This is where Lancaster comes into its own. It shares many of the positive features, like climate, boasted by the two big cities. However, this city also offers a more relaxed vibe without being a boring, sleepy town. In truth, the city has a very nice balance, which is great for anyone wanting new experiences as well as some relaxation.
The accommodation game throughout the city is pretty solid whether you want a hotel or something a bit more private. Meanwhile, a day trip to a spa can be a great way to recharge the batteries before heading home. Lancaster has a nice atmosphere that offers great freedom and flexibility.   
The Verdict

In a word, yes. If you’re visiting from Europe, you may wish to visit Philadelphia and keep Lancaster as an excursion that will provide one of the highlights. For anyone living in the United States that seeks an affordable and entertaining break away, Lancaster is a certain candidate.   


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