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How To Host A Barbecue Without Stressing Out


If there is one universal rule we can all live by a little more, it’s making the most of your summers. Before we’ve even had a chance to unpack the garage and use the garden summer has come and gone, and that means another six months of wishing away our lives a little. That is where barbecuing comes in. Barbecuing is synonymous with summer. It is one of those things we love to do with unexpected free-time. Cooking outside, watching the kids play, having friends over, soaking up a healthy amount of sun, enjoying some games and throwing a little party here and there.

Of course, we all wish we could partake in a little bit of barbecue entertaining where we aren’t totally stressed out (or at least pretend we’re not). That’s why we have come up with a list of common barbecue party mistakes people make. This way you’ll be aware of what nightmarish things are on the horizon, allowing you to quash them and enjoy your own al fresco soiree that much more.

Don’t Make Anything You’ve Never Made Before
Sometimes the oldest advice is the best advice. We all know that a good barbecue isn’t just about the meat. It is also about the side-dishes and the desserts. However, this is not the time to be making cheese souffle to go with your burgers or be experimenting with desserts you’ve never even heard of. Just make those dishes you are great at, relax knowing you aced that pasta salad again and wait for the compliments to flood in.


Fail To Prepare And Prepare To Fail
The more you can do ahead of time the more relaxed and stress-free you’ll be when it comes to the day. You’ll be able to laze around your deck, knowing everything is ready and not an eye on the clock. Of course, preparation transcends food. It’s also worth having some who can repair your sub zero refrigerator that day should anything go wrong. After all, you don’t want to have spent three days making blue cheese and bacon salads, spicy coleslaw, Deviled Eggs and Mexican grilled corn with Cilantro just to have your fridge malfunction and ruin everything.

Always Check Dietary Needs in Advance
More and more people seem to have dietary restrictions that range from gluten to vegetarian to kosher and halal. So just do your stress levels a solid by checking if anyone has strict preferences or allergies that you should be aware of, and make sure you get plenty of warning. The last thing you want to do is run around your kitchen, failing to hide your panic and angst, as you empty the cupboards in search of something - anything - that a vegan can eat. It could be the thing that tips you over the edge, your spouse looking at you in total shock as you demand everyone leaves.

Always Have Too Much Food And Not Too Little

We hate saying that due to the fact forty percent of all food goes uneaten. So, make sure everyone is hungry and that you have a plan for not wasting the leftovers. You never know who may show up so do plan for extras. It is a barbecue and that means it is relaxed (no matter how unrelaxed you may feel). It could be that you bump into some friends on the street or in the supermarket and invite them last minute, or Bob and Sam have been given little Jessie and her four siblings to look after. Basically, prepare for more mouths than you think there will be and you won’t get stressed when they show up.


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