Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How To Feed Their Minds

Nothing turns teenagers into nervous wrecks faster than impending midterms, SATs, or any other exam. No matter how hard they’ve worked throughout the year, suddenly it seems like everything they’ve learned has slowly leaked out of their brains. As parents, the best thing you can do to help them through this stressful time is to make sure they take enough breaks, get some fresh air, and make sure their snacks are healthy. In fact, the snacks they eat could even help their brains out with a little boost.
The foods listed below can go a long way towards boosting your kid’s brain power, but when exams come around it feels like they need an extra kick to keep their heads above water. When studying, make sure your kids get plenty of breaks, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a quick vitamin boost. Research has shown that the right brain supplement, such as one of the best nootropic stack for studying can improve memory, mood, and productivity, and protect against depression, which can sometimes creep up during midterms. Best of all, they won’t be relying on caffeine to help them stay alert, which means they’ll also benefit from a good night’s sleep.
To get them off to a good start with their studying, serve your kids a healthy helping of eggs for breakfast. As well as being a good source of protein - which keeps kids full between meals - the yolks in eggs are full of choline, which helps memory development. Choline works by creating memory stem cells deep within the brain, and the more stems we have the better our memory becomes.
PB&J sandwiches
Good news; PB&J sandwiches are providing fuel for your kid’s brain. Peanuts and peanut butter are a good source of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that protects nervous membranes, and thiamin to help the brain and nervous system use glucose for energy. If you use whole wheat bread, you’re also providing them with vitamin B, which in turn provides glucose, an energy source that helps the brain function. You can also get your kids to eat more peanut butter by making them peanut butter and banana on toast for breakfast, or dipping apple slices in peanut butter for an afternoon snack.
Whether your kids snack on strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries, their brains are benefitting from the berry overload. Berries are packed with vitamin C, which is essential for the production of the 100 billion neurotransmitters in the brain - neurotransmitters impact your ability to focus, concentrate, and remember, so the importance of vitamin C cannot be understated. Your kids can snack on them alone, or you can whip them altogether in a delicious smoothie.

The most important snack you could give your kids during study periods is water. If they don’t drink enough water throughout the day, your kids could have problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression, and many more.

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