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How To Achieve The Impossible: A Happy Cat

Cats get a bad rep. They are known for their temperamental moods, and I don’t think many cat owners could deny that. Clawing, scratching, hissing, and other such behaviors seem integral to the very nature of being a cat. Is it possible for your feline friend to be happy? Well, you could never know that for sure without actually being able to talk with your pet, but there are certainly things you can do around your household to help improve your cat’s life and make them a little less temperamental in terms of their mood. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve the impossible and make your cat happy.

Speak the language.
Again, you’re never going to be able to speak cat. You might be a cat fanatic (you might be in-cat-uated with them), but that doesn’t mean you can actually communicate with them fully. You can, however, pick up on their vibe. Certain meows do definitely indicate certain things amongst all cats on a universal level. Short meows are a friendly greeting, whereas low and growling meows are a sign that your cat is unhappy; they might be hungry or tired. Again, this is something you can probably pick up on after knowing your cat for a while because moods are certainly easy to distinguish.

Keep them healthy.
Another thing you need to pick up on with your cat is their health. If they seem restless then, if you can, you could give them some time outside. If this is not possible, make sure you have toys and areas in the home where they can race around and expend some of that energy. You want your cat to stay as physically active as possible because this is just as important to them as it is to humans. You want them to remain strong, but you also want them to remain mentally healthy and happy; exercise is the key to this.

It’s also important that you keep a watchful eye over your cat whenever you can and notice warning signs such as excessive scratching or perhaps that he or she is shaking its head a lot. These could be an indication of fleas, and that’s something you’d want to sort out quickly. You might also want to look into options in terms of an emergency vet in your local area. You want to know what your plan of action would be if there was an accident or sudden, unexpected sickness befell your feline companion. The last thing you’d need to be doing in an emergency is scrambling to find out where you need to go.

Love and affection.
Believe it or not, cats do sometimes want love and affection. Don’t be afraid to invite your cat in for a snuggle with your on the sofa or in bed from time to time because you might just find that they gladly oblige and actually want to cuddle up to you. It’s a win-win situation; you get a soft and fluffy thing to stroke and they get a comfy human bed.


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