Thursday, July 13, 2017

Got A Buyer? Now Make Sure The Sale Goes Through

It can feel like it takes forever to sell your home. As it says on, you put it on the market and then have the anxious wait to find a buyer. And if you have already seen a property you would like to purchase, it can make the wait even more unbearable. But all you can do is make sure the house looks superb and let the realtor work their magic. Therefore, it can be the best day ever when they get in touch to let you know you have an offer. If you accept the offer, it’s so easy to get excited about selling your home. But the next 10-12 weeks can be a challenging time. After all, the buyer could pull out at any time if they aren’t happy about anything. And you can end up back at square one. Therefore, now that you have a buyer, here are some ways you can ensure the sale goes through.

Be quick with your responses

Once you have a buyer, everything tends to move over to your solicitor. After all, they will work with the buyer’s solicitor to ensure everything goes through smoothly. Their solicitor will be checking out the property to ensure everything is right legally for them to make a purchase. And it means you might end up with a ton of questions from your solicitor that you will need to provide answers for. To ensure you don’t lose your buyer, you need to make sure you are quick with your responses. After all, the buyer will want to hear back from you in good time. They want the house purchase to go through as much as you do. So if you are slow with the responses, and don’t give them what they need such as the necessary paperwork, you might find they pull out of the sale. And then you are back to square one with your house move. Therefore, to ensure the sale goes through, make sure you answer everything as quickly as possible. And make sure you push your own solicitor to get on with the job at hand. After all, it’s so easy for your house move to be pushed to the bottom of the pile. So ensure they are responding quickly to ensure you don’t lose your buyer!

Ensure it passes all its checks

It’s likely the buyer will make a number of checks on the home before they seal the deal. After all, their mortgage provider will want to ensure the house is in good shape before they give away the money. At the end of the day, they want to ensure they have a property they could sell for good money if the buyers did stop paying every month. And the buyer’s solicitor will also recommend checks are made so that they don’t end up with a house with a wealth of problems. Therefore, if you want the house sale to go through without any delay, it’s a good idea to do your own checks now. For instance, you ought to get an engineer out to look at the heating system. After all, they can make any tweaks to ensure it’s in good working condition. Also, you might want to get someone out to check the roof. After all, the surveyor will look at this on behalf of the buyer. As for the wiring, you might want to arrange for a company to come out to ensure it’s electrically safe and functional. If you notice any problems, it’s a good idea to consider getting emergency help at so it gets sorted quickly. In fact, they will make changes to ensure it will pass local inspection. And that way, you can ensure there is no delay in the sale!

Stick to any promises you have made

It might have been the case that you told the realtor that you would do certain things if a house sale were made. And they would have passed this information onto the buyer when they were originally looking around the home. For instance, the window might have been broken, or there might have been a problem with damp spots on the ceiling. And if you want the sale to actually go through, you need to make sure you stick to any promises you have made. After all, if they come for another visit and find you haven’t made the changes, it can lead them to pull out! In fact, if they aren’t completed by the time the sale goes through, they could end up suing you if the house is not in the condition stated. Therefore, make sure you do make any changes as promised as quickly as possible. That way, there will be no delay, and the realtor can pass on the news to the buyers to ensure they speed things along!

Ensure it looks good on second and third visits

It’s very likely that even after you have agreed a sale with a buyer, they will want to come back for another visit. After all, they might want to bring family to visit the new home. Or they could make some further checks or measurements. And another visit can prove a make or break situation. After all, they might see the home again and change their mind about the sale. Therefore, to avoid this occurring, you need to ensure the home looks good on second and third visits. Vacuum and dust the home so that it looks clean and tidy. After all, this will make a lot of difference to how the property looks. Also, try and make it look as least lived in as possible. After all, you need them to imagine their own stuff in the property. Therefore, tidy your own bits away to ensure it looks as neutral as possible. And it’s worth sticking around when it comes to further visits. After all, they might have questions you only can answer regarding the house!


And remember to keep checking in with the realtor. After all, you want to ensure they get on top of the case to make sure the sale goes through as quickly as possible.

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