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Getting Up Front And Personal In The Yard

We all know that our homes say a lot about us. They are our physical spaces in the world. As such, they become the only real places we can reflect our personalities. We fill them with art and accessories which show the world what we’re about. Yet, too often we neglect the most visible part of the house; the front yard. These small patches of land are often left to their own devices, or cut short and left bare. It makes no sense. If you want to make a statement, it doesn’t get better than a front lawn. So, here are some ideas to jazz yours up!

Flowers that reflect you

Flowers are the most obvious choice to make your garden come alive, and, if you choose right, they can reflect your personality, too. If you’ve never thought about which flowers most reflect you, take your time here. If you’re a passionate person, opt for intense bright colors in your flower bed. Marigolds, Zinnia, and Aster among others will serve you well here. It may also be worth thinking about which colors best suit you so that you can get really personal. Are you a red or an orange? If you’re not sure, opt for your favorite color and use that as a base to work around!

If you’re a calm person, bright colors won’t work. Instead, stick with greenery. Green is a universally calming color! Or, you could opt for more subtle flowers. Options like Jasmine and Lavender will work well because of their amazing calming scents!

Ornament magic

As this is about personality, you’ll want something in your garden which sets it apart. What better addition than a few garden ornaments? Again, think about options which reflect you. Do you have a specific hobby you could reveal to the world? If you love dogs, for example, you could buy a dog collection. Or, perhaps you think traditional gnomes would be the best way to show the world what you’re about? If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the ornaments available. There’s no reason you need to keep to a theme, either. You could include an array of themes if you want to!

Do it yourself

Another excellent way to create a garden which reflects you is to stick in a bit of DIY. After all, what’s better for showing your personality than something you made by hand? If you’re going down this route, you’ll want to stock up on the right gear. If you’re putting the effort in, you don’t want the world to consider your DIY a failure! Stock up on chainsaws, like the ones mentioned at Chain Cutting. Get yourself a workbench to ensure you reach a professional finish. Oh, and don’t forget the safety equipment!

What you make is up to you. You could opt for a fence, or go all out and create your own yard ornaments. The neighbors will be green with envy when they see what you come up with!


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