Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Forgetting The Cat And Five Other Moving Mistakes

Moving to a new home isn’t a straightforward experience as there are so many things you need to remember. No wonder people call this one of the most stressful experiences of your life. No matter how much planning you have made, you can’t always guarantee the day will run as smoothly as you expect.

To help you prepare for the big day, here is a list of the common mistakes people make.

Last minute packing

While you don’t want to pack your belongings too soon, there should still be some element of planning. You will need boxes, lots of them, so start early and source them from family, friends and local supermarkets. Don’t pack essential items such as the kettle until the final day, but for anything else, pack them in the weeks before to avoid last minute panic.

Not booking a moving company

Many people try and cram as many boxes as they can into their cars, which is fine until they realize they have nowhere for their passengers to sit. If you have a lot of stuff to transport, you do need to hire the professionals. The best moving companies are booked up early, so don’t delay in hiring somebody, as the right people will alleviate a lot of your stress on moving day.

Forgetting to measure furniture

You may have hired a moving company, but they can’t work miracles. If your furniture doesn’t fit through your new front door, you may have to live in the garden for a few days. A few tweaks to your furnishings and doorways at the new property will help, so measure your furniture ahead of time.

Not packing a survival kit

You may only be moving around the corner, so you may not need a survival kit. However, if you are traveling a longer distance, you will need to carry some essential items with you. From bottles of water for the car, to the kettle for arrival at the new home, make sure you don't load what you may need on to the removal van.

Overloading your boxes

Moving home is the perfect time to declutter your stuff.  You don’t need to throw unwanted items away as charities may be glad to accept anything that is in good condition, and you can sell anything of financial value. You will be doing yourself a favor as less stuff means less hassle, so be ruthless, and only pack what you are likely to use in your new home.

Forgetting your pets

You have finally moved into your new home, the boxes are unpacked, and it’s time for you to relax. However, you realize something is missing. That familiar sound of padded feet is nowhere to be heard, so no wonder the food dish in the kitchen is still full. You have forgotten your cat, and no matter how good their sense of smell is, they won’t be able to follow your scent to your new home. You don’t want to be without the company of your faithful friend, so don’t forget your furry companions.

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