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Discover The 4 Functions Of The Perfect Home And How To Achieve Them

What do you wish your perfect home to be? Whether you want it to be large or small, in the middle of the urban life or planted in the middle of a beautiful countryside, modern or old-fashioned, the ideal home needs to fulfil specific functions. Indeed, the functions of a perfect home – whichever home and whichever kind of homeowner you are – consist of the following; to be in a solid and manageable state, to be family- and pet-friendly, to offer comfort and warmth, and to maintain your health. That’s why this article is going to look at practical applications to bring your home closer to perfection. Indeed, the home is a place of safety and structural solidity, in other words it needs to offer a sturdy structure to protect you from the external elements – and you need to look after its structure. The home is also the place where the heart lives, and as such, it should also reflect on your family values. Additionally, the home is a place that offers emotional comfort and warmth to those who come inside. Finally, your house needs to help you and your family to live longer: It is a place of health and strength for you and for the future generations. Here are tips to help you to improve your home and support its core functions:
  • A place that is solid and manageable.
  • A place that supports family values.
  • A place of comfort and warmth.
  • A place that promotes health.

#1. The 1st Function: A Place That Is Sturdy And Manageable
It may seem obvious to want your home to be sturdy. After all, you want to be safe inside. But keeping a solid house requires management skills and a thorough attention to home maintenance duties. One of the most obvious responsibilities for this practical approach to homeownership is to ensure that your home has all it needs to protect you from the external elements. You want to make sure that your roof, your windows and your walls are not letting anything – air or water – in. This will keep the home in ideal functioning condition. As a homeowner, you need to inspect your home for leakage, breach, and mold patches regularly, preferably twice a year. Doing so means that you can act fast if something gets damaged. This part is about keeping your house solid.

Additionally, the first function of a home is to be solid and manageable. So what about the manageable part? A manageable house is a house that offers all the comfort and features you need without additional inconveniences. In other words, it is about taming your interior to make sure that it works for your needs.  For instance, when you open the windows to ventilate a room – which is something you need to do on a regular basis to avoid damp patches and stuffy room smells – you should always use a door stopper wedge – SuperiorMaker is a good brand for it – so that you can stop the door from being blown shut. A door stopper may not seem like the highest symbol of a manageable home, but it’ll avoid scratch marks on the floor and breaks. Indeed, when the wind slams your door shut, the door hinges are weakened in the processed. When it happens too often, your hardware can break, or the door can become detached from the wall, or in the worst case scenario, a thin interior wall can become brittle. This ultimately makes your home less solid. Managing the features of your home, as in this case, an open window, makes the difference between a strong or a weakened structure.

It’s your duty to make sure that your house can stay in good shape and that you can sustain living in it.

#2. The Second Function: A Place That Supports Family Values
The image of a happy family is tightly connected to the definition of a perfect home. While naturally, there is no saying that your home can define whether your family life is happy or not, there is no denying that the kind of settings and décor you choose for your home can help to support family values. Of course, this includes making sure that you’ve placed the latest family portraits on the walls and ensuring that you enjoy it as a family.
For many, it is difficult to imagine a happy family without thinking of a pet – cats and dogs are common choices. The first action of plenty of first-time homeowners is to adopt a pet, especially if they don’t have children yet. It is well-known that a home with a pet is perceived as a caring and happy place. As a result, many first-time homeowners develop new skills, such as learning to speak fluently cats, as they begin to build a family-friendly place. Consequently, the ideal home décor might combine furniture sets that are designed for your pets – that includes the large cat tree in the living room. Not every homeowner chooses to adopt a pet, and not everyone chooses to have children, but as a general rule, homes that have either or both tend to be described as family-friendly.

But naturally it’s not only the presence of pets and/or children that makes a home happy. It’s about making your home accessible for all. In other words, a family-friendly home is a home that is safe and welcoming for pets, young children, and people with a limited mobility. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly: Sharp objects, dangerous chemicals, narrow corridors, and visible electric sockets are absent from a family-friendly home.

#3. The Third Function: A Place Of Comfort And Warmth
There is no denying that your home needs to feel comfortable to you. But it should be welcoming to your guests too. What this means is that you shouldn’t give in to laziness when you are among close friends or relatives. In other words, homeowners can become used to a messy and dusty place until the point when they don’t notice it anymore. But your guests will notice. Ensuring that the house feels comfortable to all means that you should always prepare your home to look its best. It is a matter of self-respect and your duty towards your guests.

Your home only exists in the eyes of your guests, and as a result, it is important to play the role of a host for your friends and family. The ideal home is a place of comfort for all. The magical word here is cleaning. Basic home interior maintenance, while it might sounds dull, is the kind of things that most homeowners tend to skip as long as they don’t have guests coming over. Unfortunately, a messy home can make you feel depressed, even if you don’t notice it. Consequently, you should, as a matter of self-respect, keep a clean and organized house. You should also value the overall appearance of your home. It’s not only clean and tidy, but it can also be stylish with the latest Elle Décor trends, for instance. Your home needs to be a place you are proud of. If you don’t feel at ease at home, how can you expect your guests to like it?

Additionally, mastering the art of a yummy homemade cake or a plate of freshly baked cookies so that you always have something sweet to offer is a good idea. While your guests don’t always come to be fed, it is a welcoming gesture to have something nice to offer, whether it is a glass of wine or a slice of cake… or both. It involves putting time and effort into preparing the home to receive your guests – that is assuming that you know that guests are coming; you don’t need to bake a cake everyday in case someone might pop by. A house that is welcoming to your guests, but also to yourself, is the third function of a perfect home.

#4. The Fourth Function: A Place That Promotes Health
A healthy lifestyle is not only a commercial trend for magazine and retailers, but it is also an essential requirement to enjoy life for longer. As a result, your home needs to actively support a healthy lifestyle. There are different ways to do it, depending on the type of home and budget you have.

For homeowners who are not afraid of home improvement projects, planning the essential sports studio at home, starting with the right equipment, is the next step when it comes to promote health at home. In warm and sunny regions, some homeowners even consider the addition of a swimming pool to keep fit. Keeping fit is essential to maintain your body, so why not use your home as a health support?

Healthy home is often synonymous with healthy food. For instance if you grow your fruits and vegetables in the garden, you can ensure a healthy and regular supply of organic greens. At a personal level, you can follow a healthy diet. At a much larger scale, home-grown vegetables also reduce the level of pollution relates to import and non-organic vegetables. Somehow by growing your veg, you make the planet greener too!

Last, but not least, a healthy home is a home that looks after the health of the planet. From limiting your energy consumption to installing solar panels, the choices are multiple. The ideal home makes it your social duty to embrace the eco-friendly movement and create an Earth-friendly future for your children.


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