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Crusing with newCreation Apparel!

Hey Neighbors!

Wanted to stop by for a quick visit today and share about one of my new favorite skirts.... the Kati Denim Skirt from newCreation Apparel!  Our family loves long skirts, especially denim, and this skirt really caught my eye while browsing their website.

Before we get started, let me tell you a little about newCreation Apparel... "newCreation was founded from a desire to provide affordable, modest, classic and comfortable clothing for women without lengthy hours of shopping disappointment.   newCreation is your source of modest apparel that is of the highest quality workmanship, natural fabrics, and classic designs to be worn with confidence and style to ensure customer satisfaction.  Our customers around the world are redefining how modest women dress.   They’ve told us what they want – rich, natural fabrics and classic lines in skirts and jackets that can be worn with confidence and femininity. Our suppliers, small family-run businesses, work closely with us and provide exceptional creativity and workmanship.   We have formed a partnership with our customers and suppliers to offer clothing that’s both beautiful and appropriate for every woman who wishes to dress modest. Browse our web shop and discover your personal favorite garment fashioned in classic modest designs and natural fabrics; just the clothing you’ve been looking for.  We’re devoted to provide a genuine alternative to today’s extreme fashions and yesterday’s dated look.  "

This skirt quickly became a favorite and is worn quite often.  It's a nice little bit darker denim, which I love.  You can wear it with a t-shirt for a casual look, or quickly dress it up with a button up or dressier blouse!  The detailed stitching is quite stylish and really makes the skirt itself stand out.  I love that the skirt is medium-weight, so that it's not too heavy/bulky for these hot summer days.  Yet, come fall or winter, I can pair it up with a beautiful sweater and a pair of leggings and be just as comfortable.  Below you can see me in my skirt, preparing to board the cruise ship, while wearing my Kati skirt from newCreation Apparel.  As you can see I paired my skirt up with gray long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of casual flats.

At the terminal for our cruise!

The Kati is perfect for anyone looking for a modest and stylish denim skirt.  You can find this skirt, as well as many other lovely modest clothing pieces, on newCreation Apparel.  Be sure to check out their site, as well as follow them on their social media.

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I am sure that whatever you choose from newCreation Apparel you will be pleased.  They also offer maternity skirts.  And presently they have some skirts on clearance, that are so pretty.  I am thinking about ordering two.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon.


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