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Caring Is Sharing: Making Your Yard A Dog-Friendly Place

When you choose to add a pet to your family, you agree to take good care of them and meet their needs. Part of that is being willing to share areas of your home with your pet, to enhance their life and give them the best time with you possible. For dogs, an important part of leading a healthy and happy life is having access to outdoor space, so that they can run around and play, exerting any pent up energy that they have. While it’s all well and good taking your pooch to the park a couple of times a day, the happiest dogs tend to be the ones that have access to a yard and can play outside whenever they want to. With that in mind, as a dog owner, it’s important to ensure that your yard is a dog-friendly place. Here’s how to do that:

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Be selective about plants
To ensure that your yard is a dog-friendly place, it’s vital to be selective about the flowers and shrubs that you plant. Some plants can be toxic to dogs, such as Fox Gloves, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea, Daffodils, Wisteria, and Yew. Dogs have a habit of eating things they shouldn’t, so it’s important to ensure that none of your plants are poisonous, just in case your pooch tries to eat any of them. As well as selecting plants that are non-toxic, it’s also a good idea to choose ones that are robust, so that if your pooch ends up in your flower bed, they won’t do too much damage to your garden.
Create zones
Dogs can easily ruin lawns and flower beds, so it’s a good idea to create zones within your yard. That way you can create a designated area for your pup that they can run around and play in without you worrying about them ruining anything. Ideally, this area should be fenced off, so that your dog can run about to their heart’s content. A lot of dog owners are choosing to use tinkle turf for dogs in their gardens so that when their pooch has to do their business, they don’t ruin the grass - this could be something worth considering as dog urine causes grass to go yellow. There are a lot of ways that you can ensure your yard is suitable for your pup; it’s just a case of taking the time to do your research into them, that’s all.
Ensure your yard is secure
There is no worse feeling that letting your dog out into the yard, turning your back for a second, and then noticing that they have disappeared. Dogs are, without a doubt, the most incredible escape artists. If there’s even the tiniest of holes, your dog will find it and make a bid for freedom. To prevent your pooch from making a break from your yard and putting himself in danger, it’s important to make sure your yard is secure. The best way to do this is with secure fencing.
When you become a dog owner, you agree to share your life and home with your furry friend. Part of this is ensuring that they have plenty of outdoor space to run around in, which means updating your yard to make it a more dog-friendly place.


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