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Bedroom Ideas No Interior Designer Wants You To Know About


There is nothing worse than enjoying a weekend away somewhere, only to come back to your home, walk into your bedroom and get the ‘ick’. No one wants that. No one wants to see their own bedroom and feel disappointed by the lacklustre and dishevelled decor of what should be your favourite room in the house; your heart and soul yearning for the expensive room at that boutique hotel you’ve just left.

Luckily for you, expensive-looking doesn’t have to mean expensive. In fact, getting that luxury look you’ve always wanted is as simple as knowing the tweaks and tricks interior designers use when it comes to sprucing up people’s bedrooms.

Make The Main Attractions Match
That is the number one secret all interior designs love keeping to themselves. So long as you have got the basics right, you can then run with whatever style you want in your bedroom, sleeping safely in the knowledge that the luxury-looking foundations have been laid. Of course, size matters so, when it comes to deciding what to get, stick to king size bed sets because nothing shouts “an interior designer was here” like a matching headboard, dresser, mirror and side tables. You now have a classic style that oozes affluence, just like that hotel you are missing.

Always Layer Your Pillows
The way you style your pillows goes an unbelievably long way in how your bedroom looks and feels. Practical pillows are nice to sleep on, but accent pillows are incredible to look at. To walk into a room and see perfectly stacked pillows saluting your arrival, the colours leaping out at you, well, that is the cherry on top of your bedroom sundae. All you have to do is look at what other accent colours adorn your bedroom and then pull them in with your choice of pillow. There are different ways to arrange your bed pillows but, as a rule, make sure these decorative pillows don’t use more than a quarter of your bed. Trust us on that.

Luxury Lamps Change A Space
When it comes to the single most incredible piece of decoration, look no further than your bedroom lamps. These just hold so much influence over your room’s decor and can allow you to achieve that look you want with one simple addition.The thing you should be looking for in a lamp is the base. Something that leaps out, whether it be copper, ivory or gold-painted; that’s the important part. The reason being, you will either find a lamp that focuses on the base or shade, rarely both. So get the base right and then go and upgrade the shade to something that is big and bold.

Artwork Deserves Its Place Here
It is so easy to focus all of your artwork on the areas of the house that get used the most. Art is meant to be seen and that is exactly why you have it hanging in your living room, your kitchen and your hallways; the social areas of your home. However, your lack of art in the bedroom is letting your bedroom down. It is that simple. Yes, your bedroom is a private space, that is exactly why you should reserve your favourite bit of artwork for here. To get this right, put your most favorite piece above your bed; that one piece of framed genius dangling from the wall above your new headboard. Walk in the door and see that and you’ll get shivers run down your arms and neck.


Arthur said…
Well-known that living room is often the place to be held a small event, such as family gathering, birthday, or gathering place friends. That's why I spent more time for design and view furniture catalog .Of course, the living room is my favorite place in the house, and I decided that I'll not clutter up it with works of art and the hi-tech should be suitable.

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