Monday, July 31, 2017

5 Quick Ways To Save Money In Your Home

We’re always looking for savings, or at least complaining that we wish we could be saving more. From cutting down on socializing to saving money on your shopping, we all know that there are easy ways to save money. But did you know that there are quick ways to save money in your home? Here are five things you can do today to save money in you home.

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1. Change your grocery shopping habits

Grocery shopping is one of the things that you can save money on easily, as it is not a fixed cost. Are you spending too much money on your groceries? If so, it’s time to cut back. Work out how much you spend a month and try to reduce it by a certain percentage - put the money saved into savings. Keep an eye out for coupons and shop around for the best price to help you make those savings.

2. Change your eating habits too

While we’re on the subject of food, changing your eating habits could also save you money. Making food in batches (a slow cooker is a great investment) and buying frozen ingredients are ways to cut down on food waste and therefore make your grocery shop last longer.

3. Switch your suppliers

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to your suppliers. From energy to the internet, you could be making savings by switching to a different supplier. Direct Energy Electric makes it easy for you to find the right suppliers in your area and get the best deal for your energy. Make sure you shop around for the best phone, cable and internet provider too - there’s a lot of savings to be made if you’re willing to look for them.

4.  Watch less television

Whether you watch via a DVR or Netflix, on average, you could be spending up to five hours a day watching television. While powering your TV does affect energy costs, it can also affect your spending habits. Being exposed to fewer commercials will make the urge to spend less, as well as freeing your time to focus on other things - why not try it for a month and see if your habits change?

5. Use your car less

Relying on your car not only makes you lazy but costs you money. You should aim to use your car less so that you spend less on fuel costs, and get healthier too. Walking is a really effective cardio exercise that requires no more equipment than a good pair of shoes - so you could ditch the gym membership if you were willing to walk more.

Need some further inspiration for saving money around your home? Some simple life hacks for every part of your home could change your habits and help you save money in the process. Most of the effort in saving money at home comes from avoiding lazy habits, and you can make many quick changes today that will make the savings add up in your account over the course of the year.

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