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Training Tips to Help Your Dog To Walk on a Leash and 3 Commands You Should Know About

5 Training Tips to Help Your Dog To Walk on a Leash and 3 Commands You Should Know About
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It looks so easy right? We see our friends and neighbors walking their dog all the time. You just throw on the collar and head outside and experience a perfect 15 minute walk with your dog.

We wish it was that easy…

While some dogs have an easier time adjusting and learning to walk on a leash, others need more attention.

In any case, it’s important that our dogs are properly trained to walk on a leash. With proper leash and command training, they’ll walk gently by our sides and be comfortable to walk in crowded areas without the worry of them pulling, spinning or jerking you around because of excitement or fear.

So let's jump into 5 leash training tips to help your fido learn the in’s and out’s of an enjoyable walk.

Tip #1 Choose The Right Leash or Collar

Choose one that has the versatility you need. It should be the right length and fit comfortably around your pup’s neck. If you’re not sure which is the right fit, you can always ask a store clerk or read reviews on Amazon to get an idea of what others have experienced with the particular leash you’re looking to purchase.

Tip #2 Be Patient

While this one seems obvious, it’s important to note that some dogs learn more quickly than others. Don’t give up hope if your pup doesn’t catch on and become a perfect walker within a week. It takes some time, practice and effort on both ends to create a well-trained pup.

Tip #3 Keep Trainings Short, But Frequent

Since you’re dog is still in the learning phase, you’ll have better luck doing frequent, short training exercises to help your dog start to learn leash training. Keep things fun and exciting for your pup by including treats and rewards so that he learns faster.

Tip #4 - Keep Plenty of Treats on Hand

During the training phase, you need to reward your fido for good behavior. Keep a handful of treats in your pocket or in a treat pouch around your waist and be sure to reward him or her everytime they do a good job. This encourages good behavior and they’ll start to make associations with what good and bad behavior is.

Tip #5 - Use Sounds To Engage Them

You can choose sounds like “Let’s Walk” or a clicking of the mouth or the infamous “Wanna’ go outside!?” which seems to get dogs the most excited. Whatever it is, make sure you choose one and you stay consistent with it. That way your pup will learn that it’s time to go on a walk. Consistency with training, sounds and rewards is key to effectively trained pup.

Now, when it comes to commands and walking them, here are a 3 tips to follow.

If He Walks Ahead of You: Simply stop and pull out a treat so that he returns by your side. Ask him to sit and then reward him for being a good dog for listening to your command and give him a treat. Repeat this every time he starts to get ahead of you.

To Keep Them By Your Side: Keep the leash short so that he stays close to you and simply carry a treat by your side so that he walks at the pace you want him to and every so often give the treat to him. This will train him that your pace is the one he should go at to get rewarded. If he starts to run ahead after the treat, repeat the first tip above.

If he Spins in Circles: Stop moving and use a clicker or sound to get his attention, bring him back to your side, have him sit and then reward him. Continue to do this repeatedly until he starts to learn. As fido gets better, lengthen the time between treats until he become adjusted to walking by your side.

If your furry friend doesn’t respond well to any of these, it might be a good idea to hire a professional dog trainer to help you.

Author: Mathew Bojerski


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