Friday, June 9, 2017

These Backyard Activities Are Perfect for Kids

If you have a back yard, then you should definitely take advantage of it. With fewer homes featuring yards these days (even families are turning more towards apartments lately), it’s definitely a feature you should really appreciate. They’re especially great if you have kids!

Backyards can provide an amazing private area in which your kids can play, without the pressure that public spaces often induce. And with summer on the horizon it might be time to start thinking about the sorts of activities you want to engage in and the features you may want to add!

We’re going to take a quick look at some of the things many parents are looking into when it comes to making their yards the perfect play zone for kids.

Opportunities for play

If you’ve got a particularly big garden, then you could consider having a specialized play area. Many parents are looking into installing swing sets or even jungle gyms in their yards, with some even working with playground surfacing installers to further ensure safety. Trampolines are also very popular, with some people actually installing sunken trampolines, so they’re level with the grass and provide no opportunities for falling off! Getting the sorts of things that are often seen in playgrounds and gyms can really help get your kids more excited to get outside and get some exercise.


Backyards are great places to engage in some friendly sports with your kids. There are few activities out there that are better for getting kids into exercise than sports! The two installations that probably come to mind the quickest are soccer goals and basketball hoops. Some parents may worry about encouraging children to throw or kick balls with a lot of force, in case they break something or have the ball land in someone else’s yard! This is why you need to be careful with the equipment you purchase - make sure the goal or hoop is located where they will not be able to damage anything.


Not many parents think about doing gardening activities with their kids, which is kind of a shame. Sure, it might not sound like that exciting an activity to your kid (or even to you!), but let’s face it: the gardening needs to be done, and getting them to help encourages them be outside the house! Gardening with your kids can help them appreciate nature a little more, as well as teach them some good gardening tricks and habits that they may have to think about more seriously themselves one day.


The outdoors in summer time can provide a lot of inspiration for art. Painting, in particular, is a perfect activity for the backyard. A lot of people underestimate just how beneficial creative activities can be for children. Painting provides loads of benefits, so encouraging kids to get in touch with their inner Monet and paint the garden on a sunny day could be an even better idea than you originally thought! Of course, this highlights another reason why gardening with your kids can be so good - it helps create a beautiful garden that’s even more fun to paint!

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