Monday, June 12, 2017

Tell Pests To Bug Off! Common Critters and How To Deal With Them


Most of the time, humans and nature can live happily alongside each other. We feed the birds in our garden, build ponds for amphibians and plant colorful flowers for bees and butterflies. It’s a relationship that continues to work. However, when it comes to pests, it’s a whole different ball game. They can take over our homes, spread diseases to humans and pets and cause significant damage to our property too. Therefore getting rid of them quickly and efficiently is key, as well as following a few simple tips to prevent them in the first place. Here are some of the common critters you may come up against at home.
While ants won’t cause any health issues, they can be problematic when they enter your home. They come in search of food and once they find it they return in numbers- there’s a reason it’s called an ‘army of ants’! You will need to get rid of any food they have touched and ensure all scraps, leftovers, and crumbs are thoroughly cleaned away. This includes thing like pet food on the floor and spills in the pantry. Simple bait traps such as can get rid of the ones you have in the home, go through and fill in any gaps or cracks where they could be entering.
Termites are one kind of pest that you really don’t want to come up against. They cause extreme damage to buildings, in fact, it’s estimated that they destroy two million dollars worth of property every year. Sagging floors and ceilings is one big giveaway, and it’s not just old houses you need to watch out for. In fact, termites prefer newer wood and can inhabit buildings just a short time after they have been constructed. According to you shouldn’t even attempt to get rid of termites yourself, and instead call in a termite control specialist as soon as possible. Don’t put your home at jeopardy, if you know you have them they’re not going to go away on their own.
Rodents like warm and sheltered spots to build their nest, which is why they’re often found in buildings. Since they can survive by eating just about anything, they can cause serious damage to your home. Wood, plaster and electrical wires are all on the menu which could lead to very expensive repairs once you’ve evicted them from your home. Rodents can spread diseases that cause food poisoning, and states that their droppings can lead to respiratory issues too. Any sign of rodent activity needs to be taken very seriously, don’t use kitchen equipment or touch surfaces until they have been thoroughly disinfected and the critters are gotten rid of. While mice won’t specifically target untidy homes, when there’s a lot of clutter and chaos it will certainly make spotting and getting rid of them a lot more difficult. Since rodents will breed fast, it’s not something you will want to delay! Fill in any cracks since rodents can squeeze through the smallest of gaps, and again make sure no food is left uncovered.

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