Monday, June 12, 2017

Puuurrrrfect Home Tips For Indoor Cats


Not every cat owner is happy about letting their kitty out into the big, wide world. After all, there are a lot of hazards out there caused by passing traffic and other animals. Keeping your cat inside is often a very safe option.

Unfortunately, as cats have been bred from wild animals, they might get quite a bit bored being stuck indoors all the time. But here are some great tips that can help your cats have a happy home life.


Put Safety First

Your cat might be full of beans, and that will mean it’ll be running around your home quite a bit. You shouldn’t discourage this as it is a great way for it to get some exercise. But it does mean you will need to ensure your home is a safe space for it. You might need to get some custom windows that can be opened on warm days but won’t create an escape route for the cat. If you speak to your local window supplier about your needs, they will be able to show you some different window options. Keep any fragile ornaments or decorative features off the floor as your cat might run into them and cause some breakages.

Add Some Plants

Kitties love having a nibble on plants and adding them to your rooms will help your cat feel like it is back in its natural environment. However, you need to very careful when you are choosing house plants as some are poisonous to cats. The Animal Poison Control Center has a long list of ones that you shouldn’t bring into your home. Do you find that your cat digs up the soil in the plant pots? You can stop them from doing this by adding a layer of decorative stones on top of the soil.


Prevent Litter Tray Problems

You will probably need to give your cat some time to get used to their litter tray. Don’t expect them to start using it straight away! There are some things that can help your little puss to use the tray though, such as getting the cat neutered and changing the type of litter that you use. If your cat continues to be wary of their litter tray, it could be a sign that they are sick or very stressed. If you think this is the case, you should take them to see the vet.

Play With Your Cat Every Day

It is important that you show your cat plenty of love and attention. There is no better way to do this than by playing with them. This will keep them occupied, and it also provides them with an outlet for all their energy! Next time you go to the pet store, you might want to see if there are any cool cat toys. But there will be lots of household items you can play with them with, such as string and balls of yarn.

An indoor kitty can be just as happy as an outdoor kitty if you follow these tips!

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