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How To Unleash Your Cats Inner Hunter


We can all be a little guilty of overindulging our beloved cats. We shower them with love and affection and work tirelessly to make sure that we are feeding them the right food and giving them all the vitamins and minerals that they need to stay strong and healthy. However it is easy to forget that in order for our cats to be truly happy within our homes we need to be creating the ideal environment for them in order for them to feel stimulated and that they are in an interesting and feline friendly environment. So with that in mind, today we are sharing our top tips for creating the ideal home environment for your cat so that they can explore and develop their inner hunter.

Stimulation Through Play

In order for our cats to feel truly happy we don’t just need to focus on their diet and their living environment we also need to be looking at the games and toys that we can bring into our homes that will have them stimulated. Buying games that bring out the wilder and more primitive side of their nature is important in order to nurture our feline pets.

Electronic cat toys are ideal for older cats who need slightly more sophisticated forms of play than just a ball of string or a fluffy mouse. Have a look online for the different types of electronic cat toys that can keep your cat stimulated and happy. Games that allow your cat to explore and play are the best ways to not repress the instinctual hunting nature of cats. Games, for example, that replicate moving or hidden prey will allow your cat to develop the skills and types of behaviour that they would be able to explore if they were living in a wild environment.

Playing With Food

Cats should also be encouraged to play with their food and water as another attempt to replicate the hunter and prey scenario that all cats are naturally privvy too. There are many different ways that you can get your cat to play and interact with his food, in a way that makes him feel that he has to work for his food and bring out his natural hunter instinct.

You can hide dry cat food in plastic containers, with holes cut out, that your cat can play with and move around in order to release the food. Naturally cats eat a little, often throughout the day. They may, in the wild, catch five little mice for example, throughout the course of the day. Therefore it is important to replicate the eat little, often routine and allow your cat to feel that he has to put a little hunting work in in order to be able to eat.

So think creatively. Instead of filling just one food bowl and one water bowl, side by side, always in the same place, think about how you can mix it up to encourage your cat to explore his hunter side. Place smaller portions of food and water in a variety of bowls and spread them around your house so that your cat has to explore in order to find them. Create a variety of different hiding places, on top of wardrobes, underneath beds and around the back of cupboards to really make your cat feel like his hunter side is still necessary in your home.

Feel free to share of your own ideas in the comments!


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