Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Five Reasons to get a Swimming Pool this Summer


Woohoo! Summer is almost here, and the weather is already starting to heat up! It can get sometimes get unbearably hot in this part of the world, and sitting around in the air condition just isn’t fun for anyone, especially when the sun is shining so gloriously outside! Say hello to summers outside with these five reasons to get a pool this year.

Before you invest, however, remember that there is a certain amount of care and responsibility that comes with owning a pool. You will need to invest in a safety cover for your pool and be prepared to make repairs when and if it needs it. You can visit Sparklean Pools to learn more about vinyl liner pool repair, to get an estimate on costs.

Cool off

Vitamin D is good for you, as is getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, so turn the air conditioning down and spend your weekends and evenings lounging in the pool instead. Not only does air conditioning cost a lot to run, but it’s pretty bad for the environment too. So buy some lie-lows for each member of the family, kick back and let the cool water of your new summer pool keep the heat at bay. Don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen!

Get exercise

Honestly, nobody likes running or cycling up hills in the summer. It is sweaty and feels almost like torture. So instead of putting on your running shoes and running yourself into exhaustion, get some lengths in in your own garden instead! Not only will you be able to save on your gym membership throughout the summer, but you can cool off in the same place where you get your cardiovascular workout. Did someone say win, win?

Pool party, baby

Who can resist a pool party? The kids are automatically entertained, the adults can float and lounge and talk where they can see the children, and everyone can gather together. What’s even better about having a pool party at your own house is that you won’t even need to go anywhere to socialize with your nearest and dearest. Pool = more social summer days together.

Add value to your home

Many people would rather a buy a home with a pool than having to install one themselves. This will add value to your home and give you more equity if you ever need to remortgage or sell. Adding a pool to your home can cost anything between $30,000 and $100,000, so be sure to do your math before splashing out!

Have more fun

Summers are for fun in the sun, and what better way to do it than with all your family and friends around you, floating around in cool water? No traffic getting in the way of you and a waterpark or the beach, no lines, no crowds, just your own private swimming pool in your own backyard. Sounds peaceful, right? So light up the BBQ, invite some friends and let the good times roll!

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