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Building A Bedroom: Are You Snoozing, Or Losing?

While every room of the home is important, nothing quite matches the bedroom. This is the place where you should feel most comfortable. After all, there’s a good chance that you spend more time here than any other on earth.

We all have different tastes and preferences. First and foremost, though, it should encourage a great night’s sleep. So, when it comes to those interior design choices, that goal should always be top of the agenda. Here are the key factors that will ensure you achieve this aim in style.

Start With Your Bed

If there’s only one piece of furniture that you can’t afford to get wrong, it has to be your bed. On average, you’ll be spending around one-third of your day sleeping while one bed frame and mattress could last up to a decade. Frankly, that’s far too long to be left feeling uncomfortable.

Nobody should rush their bed purchase, and it’s always worth testing different mattress types as well as bed frame heights. Once you’ve found a solution that works for you, it’s vital that you take care of the mattress too. Otherwise, the benefits will soon fade, leaving you with a far worse night’s sleep.

The quality of your bed will influence your energy levels, appearances, and general happiness. Getting it wrong simply isn’t an option.

Think About Lighting

A comfortable bedroom environment should also boast suitable and versatile lighting. The Longest Stay produces an array of ceiling and table lamps suited to the modern bedroom. Not only do they offer added practicality, but they can offer a sense of luxury and style.

Your curtain and/or blind choices are crucial too. Letting in too much light can be very problematic, especially if you work nights and need to sleep in the day. In either situation, knowing that the lighting situation is good on a 24/7 basis will have a telling impact.

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Use The Space Wisely

It can be very difficult to sleep in a room that feels stuffy and overcrowded. Therefore, using the space in a suitable manner is key. For starters, opting for lighter shades should at least bring out the perceptions of increased space.

You have a lounge for living in, so don’t do too much with the room. A few subtle decorative pieces should suffice. More importantly, you should ensure that all heating and A/C systems are unrestricted. Fail to do this, and your comfort could be compromised while energy bills will increase too.

Finally, you should be sure to use all storage space effectively. If that means utilizing areas above wardrobes, for example, then don’t overlook those elements. The room will feel bigger, better, and easier to sleep in.

Encourage Better Night Hobbies

In previous generations, televisions were believed to be a menace for the bedroom. Nowadays, though, encouraging your brain to settle down for bed with an hour on Netflix is far better than spending hours on your phone. Unfortunately, keeping your mind overly active will reduce the quality and quantity of your sleep.

TVs can be mounted on the wall or rested on a chest of drawers. Either way, they don’t need to take up much space. It is a modern bedroom essential, so make sure yours is blessed with it.


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