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Thinking of Getting a Dog? Make Sure You're Prepared

So you’ve decided you want a dog. Perhaps the countless YouTube videos of dogs doing funny, cute and smart things was enough to convince you. Perhaps your children have been begging you to get them a canine companion over the past year and maybe you’re finally caving in. Sometimes, you might want to get a dog because you’re lacking a bit of companionship while living alone. Whatever the reason, the decision to get a dog is a major one that requires a lot of planning. Even the decision alone takes some time to muster up, so if you’re still not perfectly sure if you want a dog or not, here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind to ensure you’re prepared.

Home Considerations

Not every home is suitable for a dog. If you’re going to get a new puppy, then make sure you and your family don’t have allergies or conditions that might be irritated by having a dog around. If you find that your nose starts running or your start sneezing when around dogs, then you may actually have allergies. They produce allergens that are found in their hair and urine that could lead to adverse effects in humans. These aren’t rare conditions either, so make sure you visit a pet store or spend some time with a friend or family member’s dog before you commit to getting one yourself.


Owning a dog is a major responsibility as well as a life-changing experience. It’s a lot of hard work because you have to take care of them like you would yourself or any other kind of life. Experienced dog owners will tell you all about their daily tasks such as walking the dog, playing with them and feeding them. These are built into the daily schedules of these people so they find it natural, but when you’re first starting out it can feel like a major chunk of time has been stripped from your day. Check out this ultimate guide to dog health and grooming if you want a little more explanation on how you should be taking care of your dog and what to expect so that you’re prepared for every situation.

Time Investment

Unfortunately, dogs take a lot of time to train and they need a lot of love if you want them to become obedient. This is usually much easier when you obtain the dog while they’re still young. Before heading over to the pet shop and getting a dog, consider what type of breed will suit your lifestyle and consider if you can make the time to take care of them. Ask yourself if you’ll be able to sacrifice your personal time for the sake of your dog and if you’d be willing to spend extra money on medical supplies, food and other expenses that may turn up.

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