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The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

Hey neighbors!!

We receive The Secret Bridge, by Amy Le Feuvre,  from Lamplighter Publishing for review purposes.  My family of 8 loves to read, so my daughter jumped at the opportunity of reading a new book.  Lamplighter is Bible based publisher, that makes available stories that are strong in the faith, to encourage your child/children's walk with the Lord.  They encourage through scripture based stories, that they have carefully edited to help create Christlike character one book at a time.

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

We have heard of Lamplighter Publishing, but have never purchased one of their books before.  The quality of the book, as well as the story inside makes this book one of those rare treasures.  It is hard to find good books today that teach Biblical character and still be quality made.  This is one of those books that can be treasured, re-read, and handed down over the years.

The Secret Bridge is no exception to the quality books that Lamplighter Publishing makes available.  Originally written in 1899, this hardcover book is available from Lamplighter Publishing for $28.  My daughter quickly devoured this entire book.  The book is 272 pages long and she finished it in one day.  The Secret Bridge is about a young lady named Bridget who must make her way alone in a world that she does not know.  She is befriended by someone who tries to help her along the way.  Once she is married, she finds Christ and begins to grow and this of course changes everything.

My daughter's thoughts:
I really enjoyed reading this book! Like mom said I finished it on one day, (more like a few hours).   It was a little slow starting but by the second chapter I was engrossed. I was supposed to be helping my sister with dinner but I think I did more reading then helping... :) This book tells the story of a girl named Bridget who's mother died when she was young  and whose father just recently died. She's on a boat to London to live with her uncle, and, while she's on the boat she's makes friends with a man named Godfrey.  When she gets to London she finds out that her uncle has died.  She runs into Godfrey who helps her find a place to stay.  The next day he comes over and admits he has fallen in love with her.  At first, she refuses but as he's getting ready to head out on his next voyage (he's a sea captain) she admits she has also fallen in love and they get married.  He settles her into their home but makes her agree that she won't tell his family who doesn't live far from there that she is his wife.  He knows his parents especially his mother wouldn't  approve so he asks her to make friends with them and then when he gets back from his voyage they'll tell them together.  While he is gone she makes friends with his family rivals, finds out some interesting things about her family background and meets someone who helps her come to know the Lord and at the end brings two families together.  A thrilling book I will definitely read again.

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The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

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