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The Rib Crib, Pittsburg KS

Hey neighbors!    

Well, I was in the small city of Pittsburg, Kansas again, this time for about a week, and being alone on this trip, it was my choice where to dine. Pittsburg offers a pretty fair selection of restaurant types, from a decent steak place or two, to Mexican and Chinese, to the normal fast food fare.  Amongst all these was my personal favorite, and during my stay in this university city, I frequented The Rib Crib on three separate occasions.  

Each time was FANTASTIC! The first time I went with the two-meat dinner and chose the pulled pork and turkey. Both were excellent in flavor and appropriately moist, which is very important as dry meat in a barbecue place can kill the meal, no matter how much you soak it with barbecue sauce.  The beans were great as well, but what especially surprised me was the side salad. Frankly, most salads bore me, though my wife's salads she makes at home and believe it or not, Wendy's Spicy Chicken Caesar salad are very good. The replacing of the croutons with tortilla strips was a great move and the blue cheese dressing perfectly suited the salad. 

The next time I visited I tried the catfish and meat combo, choosing again the pulled pork. Again, moist and both having great flavor.  The salad as a side was a no-brainer, at least for me and this time I chose their luscious potato salad. This was such a perfect meal, I had the same for my third visit. 

 The sauces are great at The Rib Crib, my personal favorites being the sweet and the hot, though I must admit that I would have enjoyed a hot sauce that was extremely hot, but that is just a personal preference as I seem to have built up my tolerance for such sauces to an extreme level. 

 The service matched the food, though I only notated the last two servers that took care of me. Jessi especially stuck out as she actually addressed me as "sir" instead of " guy" or "buddy," which sadly many restaurants have gone to, including the steak chain that I went to right down the road from the Rib Crib. I understand that some CEO's have gone in that direction in order to sound more "down-home" but in my opinion it takes away from the professionalism of the establishment.  So, hats off to Rib Crib for maintaining this standard. My server the next time was Mary, who again, had  a professional demeanor. Both young ladies were pleasant, courteous and there when you needed them but not pestering you when you were trying to eat. Their professionalism is no doubt a combination of personal character as well as good management, that being Kadie James, who maintained expected courtesy to the customers yet seemed down-to-earth.  
So next time you are passing through Pittsburg be sure to stop at the Rib Crib. You'll be glad you did. You will find them at:
2909 N. Broadway Street
Pittsburg Kansas 66762
(620) 308-6020

Thanks for stopping by!


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