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Decor for the Man Room

Hey neighbors!!

I know with Father's Day fast approaching many people are trying to come up with a unique gift idea for dad or hubby.  Since many men now have a man cave, garage or study they call their own, I started thinking along the lines of decor or accessories for their special room.  What better way to say I love you, then by picking out that special gift for his personal space.

My husband has his own study.  It is all his, and has bookshelves lining the walls.  He preaches, so many of them are of course Bible related, whether study books, history, or dictionaries and word studies. He also enjoys weapons.  That would include guns, knives and swords.  He has wanted a sword cane for quite some time.  He also has some other interests, so when considering a gift I want one that fits into one of his favorite interests.

So, I was considering a sword from Swords of Northshire.  They have an impressive display of swords and knives, not to mention you can customize your own Katana.  Two my daughters would think this is great too, because they take TKD and have weapons lessons.  Anyway, this would make an impressive display hung on his wall.  You are be able to choose the blade's material, length, the scabbard, other features, as well as engraving.  They even have a diagram with a sword glossary, so you will know what you are talking about.  For example, BO-HI, or groove is a groove in the blade that is often called the blood groove.  These grooves are often on both sides of the sword and actually lighten the weight of the sword.  They also create a whistling sound when you swing the sword. You are literally walked through each step with descriptions included, so just about anyone can create an amazing Katana.  I partially went through the process just to see how easy it was.  Just add a display stand and you will have a work of art for your husband or father.

Another great item for a man room would be a specialized photo creation.  You can use one special photo or create a whole collage of special moments.  Many places allow you to add wording to your finished product.  Many other choices include wrap around edges, custom framing, and personalization.  My daughters have given my husband a couple of canvases that now hang on his wall.  Or you could choose a photo throw blanket to lay across his favorite chair.  There really are so many great photo decor ideas available.
You could also consider adding a special game to your spouse's study.  My husband enjoys chess, so a really nice chess set would make a perfect gift.  You could have the chess set on display on a shelf, or leave it permanently displayed on a small table, where it is easy to start a challenge.  You might want to consider a dart board.  They have some really nice electronic boards that even keep the score for you.  And many of the wall mounts are available in gorgeous wooden cabinets.

For a larger gift, you might want to consider a piece of furniture.  Maybe a recliner to relax in after a day at work, or on weekends after mowing the lawn.  Look for one that fits in with his present decor.  Be sure to try the chair out before purchasing to make sure that it is comfortable.  You might want to measure the space where it will be placed before you go shopping to make sure it is a perfect fit.  Maybe he already has a comfy chair, and you could add a desk or a nice side table for his chair.  Another nice item might be a compact refridgerator for cold drinks and snacks.

Another item would be a display case to display his trophies or collections.  Does he collect knives?  There are some really nice display cases designed just for knives.  He might like a gun rack to display his rifles.  Or a glass front cabinet to display some of his collectibles.  They have cases to hang on th wall to display a special poster or sports jersey.  If he likes music, perhaps you could find a nice CD player and sound system, or if he likes the sound of records find a nice record player to listen to his favorite sounds.  Make sure whatever you purchase goes with the theme or decor he already has going.

What are some ideas you have come up with?  Be sure to share them in the comments to give some of our neighbors other ideas.


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