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What’s That Weird Noise In Your Kitchen?

In years gone by housewives, and their husbands could be given a fridge freezer or microwave as a wedding present, and the item in question would still be working when the happy couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Today, despite technological advances, we almost expect something to go wrong as appliances are so unreliable but if something’s on the blink is it ever safe to fix it yourself?

Safety First

While it is possible to repair your own kitchen appliances if they develop an issue you should definitely have some electrical knowledge. Repairing something haphazardly isn't just stupid it’s dangerous and could end up electrocuting you or an innocent family member. Make sure you read the user guide as some products state repairs should be left to the professionals and if the item has a fault to call the toll-free number. Before you start tinkering with the guts of the kettle have a look at its plug. If you can see bare wire or the cap is cracked, loose or broken then it needs replacing.

Fridge Freezer Is Broken

Flickr Image Credit: francois schnell

If your freezer is no longer keeping things frozen then you need to consume, or throw away any defrosted food immediately as once items like raw meat have thawed they are no longer safe to refreeze. Before panicking, check to see if the door has been left open, or if the seal seems dirty or loose as a tight seal ensures all the frosty air is locked in. Freezers tend to lose their ability to cool for many reasons including a blockage in the pipework, a vault changeover valve, a weak compressor pump or a shortage of gas.  

Dishwasher Isn’t Working

Flickr Image Credit: Bart Everson

Firstly, check to see if you’ve got enough rinse aid, you’ll find that next to the powder slot as the dishwasher will leave white streaks if there isn't enough water present in the cycle. Rinse aid works by making dishes ‘wetter’ so it’s harder for grease and food residue to cling to the dishes as well as helping to remove streaks, so glassware especially is left sparkling clean. Dishwasher parts are also prone to wearing out quickly depending on how many times a day you load up the machine. Avoid doing a half load of dishes wherever possible and check out Norris Spares for any replacement parts that you require. You also need to make sure that you’re loading the dishwasher itself correctly! If you haven’t stacked items accurately water can’t get to the harder to reach dishes and they’ll come out dirty.

Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Flickr Image Credit: Alexander Lindquist

Believe it or not, modern washing machines have a host of safety features that are designed to protect both the device and the user. If you’ve popped a small load into the machine, or in fact overloaded it, and the drum doesn’t start spinning it’s often because the sensors have told it that initiating the cycle would be too dangerous. If wet laundry is too light, it can cause excessive vibrations which could lead to the cabinet being damaged or too put much pressure on the drum. To cure this adjust the size of the load and see if it’ll wash then.

Hope a few of these tips help and feel free to share some of your own in the comments!


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