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Traveling With Slappa #Cruising

Hey neighbors!

As you know there was recently a Singing at Sea Cruise.  Well the trip went from Illinois to just below St. Louis for a concert.  Then proceeded to Alabama where some friends were also going on the cruise.  Stayed overnight and headed to Ft. Lauderdale to board the ship.  You will be seeing several cruise posts here over the next few days.  We wanted to start with Slappa, because we used the Slappa bag to carry our laptop and other supplies as a carryon for the cruise.

We received the Pivot, an amazingly versatile piece.  It is an expandable laptop bag, backpack, shoulder bag.  Yes, it can be used all three ways.  It is the perfect size to use as a carryon for the cruise shipper any kind of travel.  The Pivot is FAA carry-on compliant.  The measurements of 22" by 16" by 7.5" allowed it to pass easily through the scanner for boarding the ship.  Since it expands it fit the one pair of carry on clothing, just incase the luggage was misplaced.  Here is what it contained:
1 outfit
1 pair of flats
1 pair of heels
Bathroom bag
Apple computer
Some extra camera accessories
Small printer
Walkie Talkie
A few other small miscellaneous items

Can you believe it held all that????

Waiting in line, with the Slappa Pivot!

As stated above you can carry the bag as a backpack, the straps are concealed inside when not in use.

There is one handle on top and one handle on the side, if you wish to simply carry the bag.  A long strap is also included so you can use it as a shoulder bag.  This is super, because we each have a preference for how we tote things around.

On top of the suitcase, our Slappa Pivot.
The Pivot has so many pockets and places to put your accessories.  Five pockets (1 Large, 1 Medium, and 2 Smaller) are inside the one section, where you can store cords, pens, thumb drives and other small items.  Across from these pockets is the laptop compartment that is well padded and will protect your laptop from bumps while traveling.  

The bag has another area, that is expandable, simply use the zipper to the bag smaller or larger, depending on your needs.  In this compartment a zippered, netted pocket can be used to store other items.

Now, you think that would be enough, but there are two more zippered pockets on the front of the bag.  One runs the entire length of the bag and the other is about 3/4 the length of the bag.  All of these compartments have heavy duty zippers for your ease of opening and closing the bag.  I was very impressed with the quality of the bag and the zippers.

The entire bag is very well constructed.  The outside is a heavy duty ballistic nylon that is weather proof and puncture proof.  The snap hooks for the straps are sturdy and well made.  We did have a small tear occur near the top handle.  This bag will be going on other trips with us in the future.

I do want to mention, that we found a small tear near the upright handle.  It is approx. 2 inches long.  See pic.  It does not hinder the use of the bag.  Otherwise, as I stated I really like this bag and intend to continue to use the Pivot.  Slappa is looking into this, and requested pictures.  They said this is not normal for a bag made of 1080D Ballistic Nylon.

Find Slappa on their social media:
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE

Slappa has many other cases and bags, so be sure to visit their site and check out their products! Thank you Slappa!  And to my neighbors, keep coming back for more #Cruising posts!


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