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Tips To Banish The Post-Baby Bulge

Pregnancy is the purest miracle and childbirth is an empowering experience for any woman. If a pregnancy is straightforward, then the only struggle comes after the baby arrives. You’ve spent nine months adapting naturally to a baby in the womb. Skin has been stretched, you’ve likely gained some weight – as well you should – and now you have an empty womb, a brand-new baby in your arms and some extra poundage you didn’t image would be there afterwards.
Hormones are all over the place after the birth of a baby, so your self-esteem may well be a little lower than usual. You’ll likely see images of perfect body shapes of moms holding their newborn babies. It’s important to remember after birth that the models in the magazines have personal trainers, chefs and stylists along with Photoshop to make them look like they’ve lost every pound of baby weight.
Losing that baby bulge isn’t going to be too hard, but you must give yourself some time to do it. You spent nine whole months growing a new person, it can take up to a year to get any excess weight back off again. Refrain from any exercise for at least six weeks after a birth, and more if you’ve had to have a c-section birth; major surgery means major rest until you are up and running again. You may decide to go straight into a high-protein, healthy eating regime and that is a fantastic decision to make for your body. Not only will it help you to heal faster, but if you are breastfeeding then you are going to be passing all the nutrients to your baby. You can read about the benefits of breastfeeding here, as they reach far further than weight loss! Improving your overall health and wellness with nutritional supplements like IsaTonic can only serve to help your internal health.
Gentle exercise like walking is always encouraged but the workouts you may be used to like running or swimming should not happen until after six weeks post birth. You are still going to be in a delicate condition after labour – it’s a gruelling process that takes time to recover from. Over time, eating well and gentle exercise will do so much good for your body that you will see results slowly. Slow and steady wins the baby bulge race as a slow weight loss will keep the weight off in the long term.
Healthy lifestyles are mostly about food, and if you are breastfeeding especially, you need to think about what you eat. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories, and so you need to be eating foods high in healthy calories like nuts, seeds and avocados. These will not only benefit your health and metabolism, but will benefit your baby as well. You’ll find that weight will come off quicker if you breastfeed, as your body burns more calories creating the milk. Eating as healthily as you possibly can will help, alongside getting a good amount of sleep. While that may feel impossible with a new baby, sleep where and when you can to be able to let your metabolism do its job.


Unknown said…
I like your article. I found breastfeeding made the pounds melt away. I was always so hungry after a breastfeeding session and so keeping a bowl of trail mix handy with loves of seeds and nuts was helpful

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