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Time To Do More With Those Walls

We spend so much time spotting great pieces of furniture that can make living a lot easier, not to mention to dictate the style of a room, but there’s a common mistake you will seeing in a lot of new homes. That mistake is keeping walls bland, blank and boring. It’s time to sort it out and give your home a bit of life at eye-level.

Colour is a big deal
Painting the wall or choosing a wallpaper isn’t always the best place to start from when it comes to dictating a colour scheme for the room. The best place to start is with the furniture you want in that room, then choosing colours to collaborate with them. However, thinking a bit more about the way you colour your walls can have some big effects. For instance, you might like darker walls to go with a darker colour, but having one of them painted white can ensure that plenty of light travels through the room without getting caught up in nothing but dark corners. Colours fit different rooms in different ways, as well. In the bedroom, you want pastels or lush red that say relaxation and comfort. Meanwhile, colours in a bathroom should be crisp, fresh and bright to give it that clean feel.
Windows need form, not just function
Windows should never be left blank. We’re not just talking about decorating window sills, either. You need to think about what the treatments say amongst the rest of the room. There are a lot of curtain and treatment styles, but if you want more natural light or a minimalist look, you might not want to go for them. But even without curtains, options like window tinting can let you lend a variety of styles to the glass itself. A clear window with only some blinds is very rarely a good look.

Think focal
If the wall doesn’t have any natural features like a window or a fireplace, it can be the perfect place to put your own focal points. There are usually decorative pieces that draw the eye and use the rest of the room as a frame. However, placing a focal point like a piece of art means thinking deeply about the dimensions of the room. A wall-placement guide can ensure that you’re not placing it in a way that makes it draw the eye unnaturally.
Make it a place to express yourself
One such element that can make a great focal point is using the wall to give the home a bit of your own personality. This might mean family photos and personal effects, or it can mean giving your hobby a place to shine. For instance, if you’re into music, then a bare wall can be just right for making a display out of some records.
With the tips above, your walls are finally going to have something to say. Good wall décor adds dimension to the room. Without it, it doesn’t matter what style you’re going for. Those blank spaces are going to make the room look all too empty, anyway.


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