Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quick Bathroom Fixes

The bathroom. A room of cleanliness! It's one of the rooms that with improvements, can add thousands of value to our homes.

So, when you're in the 'I want to design my bathroom' mindset, but lack the thousands of dollars needed to turn your bathroom into a luxury spa just for you, then don't worry - there are plenty of simple quick fixes that you can do for cheap so that you can renovate and revamp your bathroom on a budget that works for you.
A bathroom is a room where you can go mad with tiling to create perfect mosaics and great finishes on the walls and floors of your bathroom. It does come at a price, though, more so if you cannot tile yourself.

To save money on your bathroom - limit the tiling.Tiles are expensive, and this expense does multiply when you look into hiring a tiler or handyman to lay tiles to your walls and floors.

Because of the price of tiles, the 'less is more' rule applies, and it might be a better idea to limit the tiles you purchase and use for washing areas, or the floor. Painted walls work well with tiled floors. That doesn't mean you have to avoid expensive designer tiles, though! Just limit their use even more and choose ways in which you can make them stand out! Using them as a accent or a strip across a wall will work well and save you money!
Painting is cheap and works well with tiles. If you don't have a budget at all, then repainting the bathroom is the way to go to give you a whole new bathroom.

Good painting takes time and patience and a lot of finesses, especially in a bathroom filled with white porcelain products such as the bath toilet and sink. You've also got to take care and ensure that you don't get paint on the tiling of the bathroom, and of course, avoid the mirror and your heated towel rails. Use masking tape to ensure that your paint doesn't go anywhere it isn't meant to.

Get the right paint as well. You need paint that is going to survive the temperature, moisture and humidity encountered in the bathroom.

You might be lucky enough to own a fully tiled bathroom, great! There's still things you can do to ensure that the tiles of your bathroom look fresh, because retiling is going to cost a lot!

Grout makes up the lining of our tiles, and it can get really ugly when dirt and grime stick to it. Spend a few hours cleaning or replacing the grout of your tiles to ensure a sparkling finish on your walls that will have them looking as good as new. Adding new, cleaner, caulk around your water products like the bathtub and sink can also refresh your bathroom on the cheap!

You don’t need megabucks to refresh your bathroom! You can do it on the cheap, just make sure you improve the right places to get the most bang for your buck.

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