Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Pet? Get the Family and Home Ready!

The arrival of a pet is a wonderful thing. It means you and the family essentially have another family member. That is how close they become and how they grow into the family. There are however, a variety of things you need to consider and possibly purchase as a new pet comes into your home. These can, of course, vary from pet to pet, but you do need to put some thought into purchasing these items.   Some of the items on this list may have already been bought or at least thought of, if not, think about them and whether you need to obtain some of them to before the arrival of your new pet.

Give Them Their Own Area

They will need their own area. This will be based on their size of course, and indeed the type of animal. Cats tend to sleep wherever they want, but dogs like to have a bed, a place they can call home. Consider a luxury dog lounger , they can use this in their own area to lay on as they wish. You need to give a pet space sometimes, and just like humans, they will need their own space to nap and sleep. Assess your home, what kind of areas are available? This could indeed dictate the size of the dog you buy, or indeed whether you can buy a dog at all. A porch is a good area, or any kind of corner that is out of direct sunlight.

Are There Any Allergies?

You need to consider this before you buy a pet. If someone is allergic to a certain animal it can be awful. They will be constantly sneezing, coming out in rashes and generally having a bad time of it. To avoid this you could consider going to a pet store and experiment,  playing and touching with some of the pets there. This will let you know whether you or a family member is allergic to pets. Don’t buy the pet before checking or you could end up in a situation where you may need to find a new home for the pet. Some allergies that are really light can go away after a time or with the aid of antihistamines but you’ll never know how bad it actually is until you are around an animal.

Will They Need Shots

If the puppy or kitten or whatever you are getting is young, then you may need to get the correct shots for them. Certain vaccines are mandatory, such as a rabies vaccination, others are optional. Before settling down with your pet you need to do this as a matter of urgency. It can stop them from becoming seriously ill at a vulnerable time of their life. Consult a vet for further information as each pet or breed can need shots for different things. Some may need a one vaccine, others may need a yearly vaccine or one every few years. Whatever the case, you need to find out about it or risk your new family addition getting seriously sick.

They are of course other things to consider before purchasing a new pet.  Take time to sit down and consider the things your new friend might need.

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