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Let's Make Your Yard The Perfect Play Area!

Summer isn’t as far off as you think. In fact, if you happen to live near Phoenix, you’ll know that the weather is already starting to turn. There are some stifling hot days ahead of us, and that means we’ll be out in the garden, getting a tan and letting our kids run free. Or at least we should be, but more and more parents are finding it difficult to convince their kids to go outside, even when the weather is picture perfect. No matter how hot it is outside, some kids want to stay indoors on the computer, playing games or chatting with their friends. So, maybe it’s time we changed that by making the outdoors a little more exciting for our children. I’m talking about turning your yard into a summer play area for kids.

There’s another benefit of doing this as well. It’s possible that you don’t have enough money in the budget this year to afford that family holiday. This can be disheartening for you and your kids. But, if you make the back yard exciting and interesting enough for them, they’re not going to want to go anywhere else. So, what things can you add to your yard to make sure that it is the perfect place for them to play?

Sporty Fun

Depending on how big your garden is, you might be able to add some fun exercise activities that your kids are going to love. For instance, you can think about getting a trampoline for your yard. They come in all different shapes and sizes from ten to sixteen-foot versions which we think you’ll agree is pretty cool. But you might, like many other parents be worried about the dangers of these trampolines. Perhaps you’ve heard of the many, many, many accidents that they have caused. Well, there’s good news because now there are springless trampolines. It’s the edge of the trampolines that cause the painful injuries. Without the springs, there’s no danger. The Parenting Pod has a lot of information on these springless wonders. Or, alternatively, you can get a ground trampoline. Since these fit into the ground, there’s no danger of falling off which is great.

Alternatively, you can think about getting miniature goals for your backyard. These are fantastic if you have two or more kids that love sports. Even if you have one child, they can invite their friend around for a game or two. It could keep them entertained for at least a couple of hours. These are just a couple of the sports possibilities for your backyard. Let’s move on to something a little more exciting.

Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild actually closed down last year so why not bring the aqua fun to your home instead. For instance, you can buy a swimming pool. You don’t have to build a pool to have water fun in the sun. There are inflatable ones or even wooden pools that are exactly the same. You just need to think about where you’re going to set up the pool. Don’t forget it will soak the ground underneath it so you may not want to set it up on grass. Patio would be your best option. It is also possible to buy above ground pools that are big enough to swim in, but these are very expensive. They can cost anything up to a few thousand.

You can get more than just a swimming pool, though. You can also think about purchasing a slip and slide. This is basically just a thin layer of plastic. A quick spray with the hose though and some washing liquid it becomes a slippery dream come true for kids. They can jet down it. You just need to make sure there’s nothing at the bottom they could crash into. You might also want to think about purchasing some water guns for the kids to fool around with and maybe even water bombs if you’re brave enough. Be careful though because chances are they’ll find a way to get you involved in the fun.

Hide Out In The Trees

Last but not least if you have a large enough tree in your backyard, you can think about building a treehouse for the kids. Believe it or not, there are instructions and even kits online that you can use for this if you don’t have much DIY skill. You can even think about building one without the tree. Have a look at a few different kits to see what I mean.

What have you done to make your backyard more fun for the kids?  We have tetherball, volleyball, and we recently added a dog agility set!


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