Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kidorable Went #Cruising!!

Hey all!!

Well, since there is a pool on the ship and because we were to visit a private island with swimming, we invited Kidorable along.  We had this adorable, blond haired, boy with us.  My daughters all think he is so cute!!  So, we thought he would LOVE a Kidorable towel.

He was so excited when he saw the Fireman towel!!  Being a normal boy, he loves firetrucks!!  After being in the water for a while he decided that he was getting cold and curled up in his towel.  He looked so cute on the lounge chair.

In the picture below you get to see his grinning face.  I think he liked his towel!

The Kidorable Towels are 100 % cotton.  They sure helped keep our little buddy warm!  They have a button at the top, under the chin area, to help hold the towel in place whether poolside, or at the beach.  The hood helps keep the head warm, and of course looks so cute!  Towels are available in 2 sizes, newborn to 2 years and then 3-6.  They are machine washable.  And of course, each style is available in coordinating products.

As a family we really think Kidorable has some adorable, themed products.  Over the years we have had one or two of their raincoats, an umbrella, rain boots, a backpack and a set with a scarf, gloves and hat.  Be sure to check out there website to see just how cute their product designs are.  You will find items to please your little ballerina and knight.

Take a moment to follow them on their social media too!
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They often run specials, so by following their social media, you will be able to take advantage of their specials.  They also have a Birthday Club you can sign your children up for and a Kidorable Parenting page you can subscribe to.

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