Saturday, March 11, 2017

#Cruising with a Llama, Sloth and Panda

Hey neighbors!!

We had a cute little Panda with us on the cruise that kept popping up in the oddest way!  This little bear is the perfect size to take with you on a trip.  He arrived to us from Peter Pauper Press.  They actually have several kits like this, some of which include a llama, a sloth, an owl, and several others.  They come in a cute little kit, that includes the animal and a small guide to tell you about the animal, along with a small adoption certificate.  These are just the right size for traveling because they are small enough to fit in a pocket, backpack or purse.  They won't take up a lot to room, yet they will give your child something to hug and play with.  Much easier than binging along a huge teddy bear, not to mention you are often watching the amount of what you bring with you on a trip.  Read more about our Hug-a-Panda Rescue Kit.

Any one of these little critters would make a GREAT travel companion for your child.  Of course, they make cute gift ideas anytime!  Your child can learn about each of the animals, as well as have a little pal to carry around with them.  They really are CUTE!  We had a little friend traveling with us, who had fun helping our Panda appear around the ship, and then we let her take him home with her.

Be sure to visit the Peter Pauper website and see the other interesting products that they have for children, and keep an eye out, as we will also have a post about their travel journals that we used.

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Here's a quick peek at one of the little booklets.

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