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Comfy And Cool Ideas For Your Home

What does the word ‘home’ mean to you? To most, it could be anywhere that provides warmth, sanctity, and security from the hazards of the outside world. To the caveman, the home might be a cave carved out to keep his people safe from the rain. To us, home means a place where we can watch our families grow up in comfort, so they can have the best start in life possible - thanks to the secure launching pad that the home provides.

The home is where the heart is.

The home is also an investment. We’re investing into our family to ensure they get the best out of their lives. We’re investing in property for the safety of our financial future. You see, a mortgage on the home is rather like a savings account of sorts. You pay your mortgage off; you build the value of what a sale could be worth to you depending on the market - of course. Every payment made affords you a bigger slice of your house value until the mortgage is paid off. You can also invest in the value of your home by renovating, maintaining and improving the rooms and facilities of it. Adding a loft room, for example, affords you some extra space and while it costs a lot of money, it adds almost three times its cost to the value of a home upon sale. That’s an investment.

But it’s also worth investing the comfort and improving the use we can currently get out of our homes. Like we said, it’s a place of comfort. The word home signifies a lot to us humans, so it’s worth making the house we currently live in, into a true home for ourselves and our families.

Comfort is key to three rooms - the bedroom of our kids, our bedroom and the living room or lounge of the property. These are the three rooms where substance really needs to come before style. A big issue in the modern day that faces families is stress. Stress comes from both work and school and should be treated extremely seriously in both instances. Because of the stresses that modern life brings, it is so important to have spaces in the home where the family can decompress. A good living room and bedroom ensure that these spaces are available, no matter the size of your family. Let’s take a look at some cool, cozy and comfy idea and ways that might inspire you to add value to your home in terms of how the family uses it.

Firstly, let us start with the lounge. It’s no more important than the bedroom in the comfort stakes, but it is the room that can facilitate the most bodies and it is the room that will see the most use.

With the lounge, relaxation is key. Of course, you might be limited by your design philosophy, but you can’t go wrong with a comfy armchair. A chair as part of a suite or on its own is the perfect place to sink into after a hard day at work. You might have cup holders in it for the big game, or it might be a reclining option for you to take a well-earned Sunday afternoon nap. Of course, it’s a great place to read and what better way to relax than to escape into the world of literature. This also requires a fairly decent bookshelf to store all kinds of books.
With seating options, don’t be afraid to go as adventurous as your needs require. It might be something from a ‘L’ shaped sofa that can accommodate a whole family, to a selection of day beds and chaise lounges. It could even be a gigantic bean bag to sink into and if you like the idea of that, then visit Comfy Sacks for ideas. Of course, you can go for style, but the best looking and most expensive options aren’t always the ones that will fulfill your comfort needs to the maximum. With the lounge, it might be best to opt for seating choices that will get you relaxed, not give you a back ache.

Of course, like the aforementioned bookcase, there is plenty more to do with a lounge than arranging a simple seating plan. We need to talk decoration.

Starting off with paint, which can be used to cover walls and refresh a room. Paint is very affordable and has huge transformative abilities, making a few hours work go a very long way indeed. There's no end to the colors and tones available, so get creative and paint your living room in a manner that speaks to you and reflects the personality of your family.

It doesn't end with a lick of paint, though. The lounge should be about you, your family and your interests. Bring your life into the lounge unless you are an absolute minimalist. This means decking the walls with portraits and paintings, family trees and trophies. Use your interests well - if you're into sport, why not frame a classic photo of a decisive moment? If you love to travel, would it be a bad idea to hang photos and maps of your favorite travels and vacations?

The lounge also could bolster two huge additions for relaxation purposes. The television and sound system.

Now, many families are against the television, or the cruelly named 'idiot box' - but it can be used well, and we shouldn't position ourselves against it in a negative fashion unless we truly don't want it in our lives. The thing is, television, when used right can be a bit more than 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' It can be a true tool of entertainment and education thanks to the endless array of classic films and documentaries. Of course, watch whatever you like, just don't rely on the TV all the time as you'll become quite the couch potato.

A sound system of any kind is an essential in the lounge. Music is the soundtrack of life and if you've got a vinyl player, a hi-fi, a dock or a radio - you're set for entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. A big party of comfort is relaxation and entertainment, after all.

Now comes the bedroom.

The bedroom needs to really leap high in the comfort stakes as a good night's sleep is absolutely key to a healthy lifestyle. If you're not getting your head down - then you are going to have some problems. This goes for your children as well and the sleep that they need per night will depend on their age - but it's usually between 11 and 9 hours per night.
What that means is that bedding, in the adult and child bedroom is key. Bed's need to be a place of softness and of warmth. A place that can carry you through the night in uninterrupted slumber.

Shelling out on a new mattress is a good idea if your old one is getting hard and lumpy. Of course, purchase the right one for your needs. This need is high for adults, but it's crucial for the kids so place a big focus on the bed for the children. Investing in memory foam mattress toppers and protectors also ensure your mattress is free from any spills and is that little bit more comfortable. A good idea if you don't have the funds to buy a number of new mattresses. It's also handy to keep bed linens handy, clean and fresh in a cupboard. Lavender sachets can help with this.
If you want to make your bedroom a little cozier, use freshening sprays on the linens while they are covering the bed to keep them smelling nice. If you want better lighting options, then fairy lights and stringed lights make a good addition that isn't as bold. When you want warmth, some sturdy cable-knit throws or fur comforters can add it. If you want a more luxurious feel to your bed, opt for linen instead of cloth and polyester.
Ideally, a bedroom should be free of blue light distractions as they are bad for the sleep patterns of both adults and children. However, because children will likely use the bedroom to study and play games, this can't be avoided. Educating them about the need to rest is a good place to start and ensuring all computer screens are off by bedtime is another.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, and most are quite stylish. However, as we've said a number of times, you need to opt for substance over style. You can have rooms that look good, but if your family cannot relax in them, they are quite pointless. Find options that can both look good and feel good. The home needs to be a place of true relaxation, not a total art gallery! We can get a bit obsessed with how things look over how things feel, so always go for what brings you the most comfort and thus, happiness.


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