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Woof's A Daisy! Don't Forget Dogs Are Neighbors Too

If you've recently just moved into a new house be aware that your pets are going to be a bit nervous, they're in a strange environment full of unfamiliar scents and sounds. During this period, it's important to reassure our fluffy, or feathered friends as well letting your neighbors know that you own pets. Take time to let your pet learn the neighborhood, meet your neighbors and become comfortable in a new situation.

Pexels Photo Credit: Pixabay

Introduce Them Early

Once you've gotten things straightened out a little, clip a lead onto Buffy and take her for a gentle, evening stroll. If you have one or more dogs, you may want to take them all individually at first, so they have time to get used to the area without being distracted by their friends. Make sure that you smile at everyone you see, talk to your dog in a clear, happy voice and if people stop to pet her or say hello then introduce yourselves!

Lots of trouble can be avoided if you get to know the neighbors early, your dog will quickly get used to familiar faces and her daily walk gives anyone an opportunity to talk to you about any concerns they have. Not everyone likes dogs, and some of us are downright terrified of them! Never let your dog off the leash while on the street and if someone seems nervous place yourself in front of your pet. One, it should help them see that your dog is perfectly friendly and there's nothing to be afraid of. Two, the physical act itself will contribute to reassuring them you have their best interests at heart.

Secure Your Fences

There's nothing more embarrassing than having your dog be responsible for the decimation of prize flower beds, leaving 'presents' on beautiful, green lawns and digging holes in the dirt. Dogs need to be firmly secured, for both our and their safety behind high fences that they can't jump over. Many owners find that five foot high fences lined with chicken wire deter even the most adventurous animals, but if your dog keeps pulling a Houdini, then you may want to consider an invisible electric fence. It may seem cruel but in fact, delivers only a tiny shock. When agents and real estate brokers attend viewing appointments they find dogs that are kept behind invisible fences are usually well behaved and friendly.

Every Dog's Different

Remember Tilly, the adorable brown and white Spaniel your grandmother had that you played with as a child? She wouldn't hurt a fly, but it didn't mean she didn't possess the instinct to be aggressive. No matter how many dogs you've owned each one is different. So if you know that Amber hates children, Floss doesn't like to be stroked, or Pete tends to go wild if you're wearing lace up shoes then tell your neighbors. Don't leave anything to chance and invest in reliable, secure fencing that doesn't allow children to stick their little hands through to prevent any accidental bites and scratches.

Following through on these suggestions will help prevent issues that might arise from a neighbor who is afraid of dogs.  Thanks for stopping by!


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