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Rules Of Playing With Your New Dog

Getting a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do – they’re loyal friends who will become an important part of your family. If you have children, having a dog in the house can be a great way to teach them how to be a responsible pet owner, as well as a whole lot of fun! If you haven’t had a pet pooch before, you should play with him as much as you can so that you can develop a good relationship and have a happy dog who is getting everything he needs. Here’s what to bear in mind…

  • Before any kind of play with your new four-legged friend, make sure that you can easily take items away from him. This means that you can protect his safety and your own valuables. It’s also a good idea to make sure he understands the word ‘leave’ and how he should respond to that – find out here how to train your dog to follow this instruction.
  • Don’t encourage your dog to run after the kids or play roughly – although he will probably love this, he will be unsure of where the boundaries are, and that can cause problems. Get tips on establishing boundaries in this article.
  • Having chosen the best toys for your pet at evergreen toys, make sure you hold them no higher than your waist. If you do go higher, you’ll be encouraging your dog to jump up, and that can alarm people and even frighten small children.
  • Try to play with your dog as much as possible – at home, out for walks, and in the garden. You and he will be best friends in no time if you spend quality time together.
  • A play session with your pooch doesn’t have to go on for hours – five minutes as often as you can is much more effective than wearing him out and both of you getting bored.
  • Much like children, young dogs and puppies especially respond well to a fun and excited tone of voice. Use lots of praise when he gets things right, and stay upbeat when he is struggling.
  • If your pet is desperate for you to play, but jumping all over you – don’t start the fun and games right away. If you do that, you will be showing him that jumping up is acceptable and even desirable. Wait until he is lying quietly in an obedient fashion before you get the toys out – and he will learn that he is rewarded for good behaviour.
  • Put the toys away when play-time is over, so as not to confuse your dog. If the toys are left lying around, he will not know when it’s time to play and when he should sit or lie quietly.
  • Don’t make your pet play if he doesn’t want to – you probably won’t have to wait long before he changes his mind!

The most important aspect of playing with your doggy friend is that it should be fun – so as long as you are both safe and enjoying yourselves, you’re probably getting it right!


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