Thursday, January 26, 2017

You Could Make Home Life Easier For An Elderly Person With This Advice

I think we all may know someone who is elderly, be that a friend or family member. They may act like everything is fine or look like they have a handle on things, but the truth be known many elderly people struggle with some daily tasks. It might be because they are not as mobile as they use to be, or money is tighter because of pensions and savings. This is where you could really help someone you care about by just doing a few things or being there for them. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could make things a little easier for an elderly person in your life.


Help them out when it comes to food

Food shopping has got to be one of the areas where an elderly person could really benefit from your help, expertise and advice. Many will opt for a ready meal for convenience, but we all know that they would still rather a home cooked meal. A great tip would be to offer to do their food shopping for them, this could help you stock up their cupboards for a week, rather than needing to make frequent trips. You could discuss an easy to prepare meal plan and then ensure you get all the ingredients on hand to help them cook those meals. A slow cooker would also be a great investment as sometimes it’s as simple as combining some ingredients together to prepare a wonderful and warming home cooked meal. Another idea would be to prepare food and plates for them, so it’s as simple as warming something up when they are ready to eat it. Helping them with the food shopping could also save them money as you may be able to get and source ingredients from cheaper stores.

Make their home easier to navigate

Getting around your home is essential as you get older as many elderly people would rather stay in their own surroundings than move in their later years. So you may need to consider some of the ways you could help them do that. Adding mobility aids to the home to help with using the bathroom or getting out of bed are just some of the ideas you could incorporate. If they happen to live in a house with stairs, then things like stairlifts could really help get them from one part of their home to another.


Offer help and advice on financial matters

Paying bills or drawing a pension could be harder as you get older. Getting out of the house might be difficult or even spending long periods on the phone to pay bills can be exhausting. So it might be worth offering your services where they may need some help. Of course, some people are private, and they may not want you to take full control, but some help could make things easier on them in their daily routine.

Above all else, spending time with elderly friends and family is important. It can be a lonely time in your life, so always offer the gift of time and just talk.

Hopefully a couple of these ideas are a help!

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