Thursday, January 12, 2017

Super Organize Me: Inspiring Habits Of Men Who Like To Keep Things Tidy In Life

There are two types of people in life: The messy ones who can’t manage to find their socks or remember an appointment, and the hyper organized ones who are ahead of the game at every single step. While everybody dreams of managing the chaos that life can naturally turn into, here are a few tips coming from very organized men to help you through. Why men only? Because their ability to focus on the essential in life - and not to worry about the pair of shoes they are wearing or whether they need another shade of lipstick - has made them the ideal model for this little game of organization.

It’s A Lifestyle

Being organized does not only mean buying a new storage divider for your drawer. Being organized requires the adoption of new habits; it’s more than a few clever items: It’s a complete change of lifestyle! Thankfully, it’s a lot easier than it sounds if you follow these small secrets of super organized people:
  • Learn to simplify and eliminate: The key to organizing your closet or your time is to be realistic with what you have available and what you need. In short, there’s no point trying to set a sense of order in your wardrobe if it’s full of stuff that you don’t wear anymore. The same argument is valid for time management; a day crammed with meetings will not improve if you note them in a specific order. Therefore the first rule of organizing is to get rid of everything that isn’t necessary. Only then can you start organizing.
  • Write down important things: It’s the best way to make sure that you don’t forget an important appointment.
  • Have an inbox routine: Place everything that arrives in a box, whether it’s a bill, a note or even advertising mail, and process it frequently, just as you would with your electronic inbox.
  • There’s a place for everything.
  • Put things away now: Don’t leave it lying down to do it later.
  • Make cleaning a daily habit: Don’t leave the dishes hanging for weeks, just clean as you go.
  • Develop a system so that everything can stay organized all the time.

Organize Your Handbag / Men’s Bag

With time, more people, including men, are using a bag instead of pushing their phones and wallets in their back pockets and hoping for the best. The key to keeping your daily life organized lies in your bag: Keep it clear and accessible. Finding your keys, wallet and phone should be easy in it. While women’s wallets are generally easier to spot in any bag as they tend to be large and playful, men tend to prefer slim wallets that need a clean bag to be spotted - read this for more information about men’s wallets. Consequently, there’s one piece of advice that works here, and it's decluttering every week.

Organize Your Wardrobe

It’s somehow easier to have a clean and spotless house than to clear out your wardrobe where stuff is often left to accumulate with no sense of order. You can take inspiration from this men’s organizer to find out ways to put your essentials in sight and at hand. For women’s, essentials will naturally be of a different nature, but you should find your everyday office gear such as a badge or the office key, your work jewelry and makeup, and your belts.

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