Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's Cold Outside!

Hi neighbors!

Well, since it has been so cold outside, I think we need to have a fun giveaway.  How about a $15 Build a Bear Gift Card?  I picked up a fe different gift cards over the holidays, and this is one of them.  So, while we have this little winter giveaway going on, I thought I might share a few recent pictures taken on a very, very, cold day.

The river is almost frozen over, but there are a few spots where the water is still moving.

We even saw a few eagles, though most of them were quite a distance away.  We found out that they stick around this area because of the dam, which keeps the water from freezing entirely, so they can still catch fish.

Here are a couple more of the icy river.

Last one.  These two were laying in the pasture with snow on their backs.

So, now we have a special giveaway going for this crazy winter.  Leave a comment below letting me know which picture here is your favorite.  That will be the mandatory entry.

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Leela said...

I love the eagle photos.

Heather Kelly said...

I like the 4th photo the best. The Eagle with the blue sky in the background.

andrea v said...

I like the 6th one with the water and ice

Jessica Whitehouse said...

I like the photos of the eagles flying against the cloudy sky.

Unknown said...

I love the 6th one also, with the icy river and the bird. Breathtaking picture!!

rajee said...

I love first photo is very nice