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Is It Chaos In Your Kitchen? Calm It Down With These Creative Tips

Regardless of your personal design tastes, we all want a kitchen that works for us. We want to be able to enjoy the space, cook away and create new things and enjoy an easy to look after space too. Sometimes, the reality of your life in the kitchen couldn’t be any more different. In fact, you might find that it’s actually quite chaotic.

If you’re struggling with a kitchen that is the opposite of calm, you might want to work on design ideas that work to channel a lot of peace and ease. It’s not always an overnight fix, but if you want the kitchen of your dreams to be chaos free, these simple steps should help.


The first step in creating a calm kitchen is to declutter. If you have lots of junk piled up on the counters or on your kitchen table, you’re going to struggle to create a calming effect. What you need to do is work through the steps needed in order to keep your kitchen clutter free. Then, when it’s serene and spacious, you need to work on keeping it that way.

Choose Colour

You might love a certain color or have chosen the shade on your kitchen walls because it’s fun, but when you’re trying to create a calming effect you need to think smart. Bright and brash colors might seem cool, but they’re going to look chaotic on the walls. Instead, you're going to want to choose calming neutral colors for your kitchen walls - especially if you want to be able to relax and enjoy your kitchen.

Make Every Moment Count

It also helps to make sure that every moment spent in your kitchen counts. If you’re always digging around for items that you’ve lost or constantly waiting on appliances, if can feel like you’re never getting anything productive done. Instead, speed things up by having a storage system that works and considering a great range of boiling taps that will stop you from waiting around so much. That way, you’ll be able to make your time in the kitchen more efficient and find it easy to get things done.

Create Comfort

If you’re trying to create a calming effect, you’re going to want to think about comfort. Chaotic kitchens will often feel cold and unwelcoming. Instead, to calm everything down, you want to create a comfortable atmosphere. If you have seating space, try and cozy it up with cushions, textures, and even a few candles. You could even add in a lounging space to make the room both comfortable and multifunctional.

Involve Your Children

And finally, it's often the case that a kitchen is a place that you find friction with your children. If you have fussy eaters or find meal times a challenge, you’re going to want to get your children more involved in the kitchen. Not only will they love to spend the time with you, but they’ll learn a lot more about cooking and food. So much so that they’ll be more likely to try new things and eat all of their vegetables.


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