Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Add More Space Without Building

Unless you’ve got a good sum of money available to do some extension work, and all of the necessary grants and permissions to legally go with it, it’s not easy to make a room bigger. However, you may not even need to make it physically larger in order to increase the space within a room; it’s all about angles and using what you’ve got effectively.

Bring in the light

If you do have a bit of spare cash, WinDor folding windows, patio doors and french doors are your best way of letting in the maximum potential amount of light available to you, giving a brighter feel to the room, without adding on for more space. It does require a bit more money and as well as a skilled labourer to fit them if you can’t do it yourself, but the effects really can transform a room.

Freshen up the walls

A paint job can give any room a new lease of life. Lighter colours can give open up a room as well as giving the impression that there is more space available than there actually is, whereas darker colours can make a room feel cosy and closed-in. Even the switch from magnolia to white can change a look, so don’t dismiss it based on the fact that you already have a light colour in place on your walls. There are also warm and cool tones to paints - you can mix and match any colour with white as it’s so versatile - it doesn’t all have to be of the same colour scheme.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are quite deceptive in that they reflect whatever image is being presented into the glass - if it’s the room that is being reflected, it gives the impression that there is a lot more space. There are so many different styles to choose from that there will always be one to suit the style of your room. There’s a depth to a mirror that can’t be explained - but accept the trick of the eye for what it is and put one up. The bigger the better!


If you have lots of available space in the room but it’s being taken up by furniture and inanimate objects that aren’t loved, wanted or needed anymore, maybe it’s time to think about doing a clear-out. Charity shops are always in need of things to furnish houses (one person’s trash is another’s treasure), or you could give it direct to shelters or friends/family who have secretly been coveting it. If it isn’t bringing you a sense of joy or sentimentality when you look at it or hold it, consider ditching and replacing. It can end up being costly dependent on your personal tastes, but sometimes you may not even end up replacing what you have just removed - it may be that you find you can live without it and not miss it. If this is the case, well done! You have successfully de-cluttered, given yourself more space and saved money overall.  

Share a few of your tips here for making a room look larger!              

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